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Join Class 12 Accountancy Online Classes- Vidya Setu

A number of institutions provide class 12 accountancy online classes for free or paid. It can be stressful for students to find out which is the best class 12 accountancy online classes among a huge cluster.

This article includes guidelines from which students can find out which CBSE online classes for class 12 accountancy will be best for them.

Class 12 is a crucial part of every student’s academic life. It is the last academic year for students, and also carries an emotional feeling. And, also students have the pressure of scoring well in their coming board examination. Knowingly or unknowingly each students are under pressure and find difficulty in preparing for the exams.

Although class 12 accountancy is not an easy subject. It includes project works, viva exams, continuous assessments, and much more.

As competition is high, every student wishes to score more than 90 percent in their class 12th accountancy exams.

During the current situation, class 12 students are the ones who are facing more difficulties. It has disturbed their entire schedule due to irregular classes and is troubling in their preparation for subjects like accountancy.

Class 12 Accountancy Online classes are providing regular classes to students whose preparation has got totally disturbed due to the novel coronavirus. The online classes are providing students the complete guidance in completing their curriculam.

Class 12 Accountancy Curriculum

Class 12 online accountancy syllabus involves several chapters and topics that are important for exams. In the commerce stream, Accountancy is the compulsory subject that each student has to study.

Students who are searching for in-depth knowledge of each chapter must join the Vidya Setu Class 12 accountancy online classes.

The Class 12 online accounts video lectures provided here will help to increase their knowledge for scoring better results in exams.

Types of Online Classes for Class 12 Accountancy

There are different types of class 12th accountancy online classes like video lectures, live online sessions, Pendrive classes, or paid online sessions to select the best from. All these classes provide the best resources but are not sufficient. The class 12 accounts online classes have the major benefit of accessibility from everywhere. Let’s go through the different types of accounts online classes in detail.

Class 12 Accountancy Video lectures

Accountancy video lectures are available for students on different e-learning portals, although not all of them provide sufficient learning. These 12th recorded lectures provided by Vidya Setu are the most reliable and trustworthy for class 12 students. Students at Vidyasetu can also access the recorded lectures and they can save them for future learning.

video lectures

Live Online Sessions

The Live classes are available only at a particular time, and classes are conducted in real-time. Students can access this class only when teachers are conducting. This can be a huge drawback to students in a situation like bad networks or no electricity supply.

class 12 accountancy online classes- live online session

Chargeable Accountancy Online Coaching for 12th students

Online education portals like Byjus and Vedantu charge huge amounts from students for taking up the classes. These portals might have a reputation but not each student can afford to study. Even cases are filed against them for not providing worthful services. Regardless of all such major issues, Vidya Setu is providing free online classes to their students and provides sufficient resources for the preparation of exams.

Pen Drive Classes

Pen Drive classes are a unique way of teaching students. It helps students to recall the lessons taught earlier in the classes.

Private Online Coaching Classes

The private online coaching classes for class 12th accounts preparation is the best way of preparation. These online coaching classes provide one-to-one live sessions.

Every type of online class for class 12 accountancy have their own benefits. And one of the major drawbacks is that all online educational portals do not offer all types of online classes. Whereas, Vidya Setu is one such learning platform in India that provides all the above online classes for 12th accounts absolutely free of cost.

Vidya Setu – Best Online Classes for Class 12 Accountancy

Vidyasetu-Learning- Class 12 Accountancy Online Classes

The Vidya Setu is Google’s Top-Ranked online learning portal for class 12 accountancy. Moreover, it is a non-profitable institution that provides an outstanding education. The main goal of Vidya Setu is to provide students free and in-depth knowledge with the help of highly professional subject faculty.

To understand in a better way how is Vidya Setu is India’s best learning e-portal for students, read the unique features given below:

Feature Of Vidya Setu Online Accountancy Classes

Vidya Setu promotes better learning with the intention to educate more and more students rather than earning profit.

The major feature of Vidya Setu online classes are as follows:

  1. Free Study Material- Vidya Setu Provides resourceful and reliable study material. Study material includes a free e-book, sample papers, revision notes, etc.
  2. Experienced teachers are one of the major features liked by all students. As class 12th accountancy is not an easy subject, therefore experienced subject teachers are required.
  3. Not each student can afford to pay a huge amount for just one subject. Therefore, Vidya Setu provides absolutely free education to all students.
  4. Other features include 24*7 access to online classes and doubt clearing sessions provided by teachers is just like the cherry on the top for students.

Take Away of the Blog

In the end, to be fully ready for the accountancy examination, you need to join an institution that provides a clear understanding of the subject, and thus Vidya Setu is one of them. Vidya Setu is the best learning portal and is absolutely cost-free and classes conducted by subject expert teachers.