Consalting and Realstate business.

Dream of living abroad, but not sure which city to choose? Flatilio offers expert advice and a wide range of real estate property options from around the world.

Flatilio is a real estate website that helps people find flats, houses, offices and flats for rent in Europe. It offers professional services such as property consultancy and property rental through flatfinder to help you purchase homes abroad. With Flatilio you can buy an apartment or private home in London, Paris or Berlin from our international database of properties.Buy property abroad, We provide information about property levels and location details, letting agents contact details for each property and also provide detailed listings for every region in the world including London, Paris and Cape Town.

We are a full-service international real estate agency. We work with buyers and sellers throughout the world to connect them with diverse property types and a broad range of real estate products. Our team of expert real estate agents is passionate about helping people find the home they love.

Flatileo is the best real estate company for property and investment in London, Paris and the rest of Europe. We are a unique global partnership that combines the know-how, experience and resources of local experts with the latest technology to offer you the most reliable, effective and cost-effective solutions for buying and selling flat in London, Paris and around Europe.

banifits of realstate business. offers real-estate consulting and property buying. We aim to create a safer, more secure and enjoyable experience for our customers by providing them with the most comprehensive coverage of apartments, houses and villas in every major city around the world.

Flatilio’s Mission is to provide you with the best possible advise and guidance when looking to buy property overseas. Flatilio provides you with a sense of security through our dedicated team in charge of all the necessary tasks related to your real estate investments overseas.

we will provide you the best consultancy for your real estate property abroad. we will work hand in hand with you and make sure that everything goes fine.

I am always satisfied with the services at the office. the physical place is very comfortable and nice. The location is excellent. The counter service is always cheerful and efficient.

We believe in making things better. So we started Flatilio to help everyone, everywhere on their journey of life. We provide consulting and real estate property abroad so that you can succeed in life while living less stressed. Be closer to nature, develop your business ideas, and make new friends from all over the world.