Cost of a 9-Passenger Rental Van: Snag the Best Deal Today

Renting a 9-passenger van is perfect for hauling a large group of people on a long road trip, weekend getaway, or outdoor camping. It offers a lot of benefits, including convenience, flexibility, safety, and many more. What’s good is that it won’t cost you a fortune.

You can find van models with different specifications. Eventually, you will be able to pick the one that fits your budget. Feel free to check the cost of 9 seater car rental and start a reservation today.

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What affects 9-seater van rental rates?

To estimate your trip expenses accurately, you should know the exact prices of all services you are going to take. The cost of 9 seater van rental is usually more than what you’ll see on the website. Here are the main factors which affect the final cost:

Rental period

Pick-up and drop-off times determine the duration of the rental. For example, if you book a car for a shorter period, you will pay a higher per-day rate. A longer trip will be offered at a lower per-day rate.

Type of vehicle

The rental cost depends on the brand and class of the vehicle. For example, a premium SUV from Mercedes or Toyota costs more than a standard SUV from Ford or Opel.

Pick-up location

Each state has its taxation and driving laws. In some cities, a rental agency may take an extra fee in accordance with the state’s regulations. For example, you will be charged 8% on the rental cost in Alaska and 6.5% in Orlando.

Supply, demand, competition, and others

The tourist locations have higher rental costs compared to others. For example, it can be cheaper to rent a van from a pick-up location in the business center than from the local airport.

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How much does a 9-passenger van cost to rent?

The market of rental services is huge. This is why the prices may vary from one state to another, and from one rental agency to another. You have a variety of options to pick the best 9-passenger car rental rate.

How much to rent a 9-passenger van for a week or a month?

Renting a van for one day will come up with a higher per-day rate than renting a van for one week or even one month. If you book the ban in advance, without prepaying for fuel and purchasing extra services, you will end up with a really hot deal. Sometimes, you can save up to 20% – 30% on your daily rental rate. You may pay $220 instead of $270 per week and $2,200 instead of $2,700 per month.

How much to rent a 9-passenger van for a day?

To rent a car for 9 passengers, you will pay between $70 and $90 per day. In the high season, you shouldn’t expect to pay more for top-quality services. In the low season, the price may go down to $40 per day. You should be ready to pay about $139 per day during the holidays.

Which payment method to use to pay for a 9-passenger rental car?

Now that you know the rates to rent a car, you will need to learn how to make a payment. Rental agencies work with different payment systems. Some of them accept transactions made with debit/credit cards and via e-wallets. Others are totally fine with cash.

All the necessary information regarding payment can be found in the rental terms and conditions. Read them through before signing the deal.

How much to deposit for a 9-passenger rental car?

The deposit amount depends on the type, and class of the van, its market value, and the policy of the rental company. Obviously, a 9-passenger car rental price will require a larger deposit than a standard car. The average deposit of $200 – $2,000 is secured on your debit or credit card. You can leave a cash deposit if it is allowed by the selected rental agency. The blocked money will become released within 15 days after the drop-off time.

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