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Cowboy Hats for Women: How Can You Wear Them Properly?

Cowboy hats are undoubtedly one of the most popular and versatile fashion accessories for both men and women. They will boost your personality as well as the western fashion statement. You can wear cowboy hats in different ways. However, if you don’t know the best ways to wear cowboy hats, you will look unattractive in your western fashion statement. 

In this article, we will discuss some great ways to wear cowboy hats. You will also learn about the shapes as well as the methods to wear cowboy hats for women. Whether you’re trying the cowboy hats for women for the first time or know some insights into wearing them properly, this article will prove informative. 

What are Women’s Cowboy Hats?

The cowboy hats for women or cowgirl hats are one of the most famous wide-brimmed hats available in the market. The cowgirl hats are typically made of felt, leather, or straw. When you wear cowboy hats for women, you can showcase a western fashion statement. The cowboy hats were introduced in the market by Cattleman during the 19th Century. Back in the days, cowboy hats were designed specifically for men and they used to wear these hats for sun protection. 

The modern cowboy hats for women are more of a style segment than functionality. Even though this fashion accessory is capable of protecting your eyes from the sun, most women wear cowboy hats to stand apart from the crowd. As the cowgirl hats come in different shapes and sizes, you will be able to pair them with almost any outfit. Not to mention, the availability of different materials makes them appropriate for all seasons. While wearing the cowgirl hats, don’t forget to wear blue jeans and leather shoes. 

How Can You Shape the Cowboy Hats for Women Properly?

There are various ways through which you can easily shape the cowboy hats for women. The method you select is dependent on your own needs. While you shape the hats, don’t forget to consider the style of the cowboy hats you’re shaping. 

If you’re planning to shape wide-brimmed cowboy hats, make sure you curve the brim up at the front and back. This will allow the brim to protect your neck and shoulder from the harmful UV rays of the sun. As per EPA, UV rays cause premature aging. You can also curl the side brims as per your preferences to make the cowgirl hats look more stylish. 

If your cowboy hats for women have a narrow brim, you can choose the shaping style just like the traditional fedora hats. However, make sure you pay close attention while shaping your cowgirl hats as one small mistake can cause structural or permanent damage. 

How Can You Wear the Cowgirl Hats Properly?

One of the most effective ways to wear the women’s cowboy hat is by braiding or ponytails your hairstyle. The hairstyle you choose will help you make the cowgirl hats look more relevant. This will not only make your hair look more stylish but the hat will also be able to protect your hair. You can also use a headband so that you can hold your hair back. 

Consider creating a bun. This style will suit you if you’re young. Don’t be like other women who avoid the cowgirl hats just because they don’t know how to wear them properly. If you happen to have longer hair, these tips will help you wear the cowboy hats for women without any complications. 

Can You Wear the Cowgirl Hats if You Have Short Hair?

If you happen to have short hair, you will be able to style the cowboy hats for women without any problem. One of the most effective options is to wear the hats through pompadour. This will help you boost the beauty of your hair. Apart from that, your hair will be able to complement the cowboy hats for women. 

If you have short hair, consider using hair gel. But keep in mind that some hair gels can cause damage to your hair. This is why you need to use something that is made of natural ingredients. 

What Should Be the Fitting of the Cowgirl Hats?

This is an important thing you should remember while wearing cowboy hats for women. You need to consider the sizing while choosing the best cowgirl hats. If you choose something too loose or too tight, you will feel extremely uncomfortable. The smaller hats will cause headaches whereas, the bigger hats will look absurd. This is why you should purchase cowboy hats that will fit on your perfectly. While purchasing the cowboy hats for women, consider remembering these tips:

  • The back of the hat should fit properly without causing any discomfort. 
  • The side of the hat should rest over your ears. 
  • The front of the hats should be at least four fingers above the eyebrows. 


This is how you can wear cowgirl hats properly. If you happen to have any other questions, make sure you comment below and we will assist you.