Crypto Token Vs Coin – What Is The Difference

What is a crypto token? Is the crypto token a similar term for the crypto coin? For what purpose are digital currencies used? Is there any difference between the two terms? These questions always make your mind blown away, and a beginner in this field can’t answer them without taking the proper knowledge. 

Everyone gets confused between crypto tokens and coins when starting their cryptocurrency journey. On a fundamental level, crypto tokens and coins are almost alike. They both have value and process payment. You can also swap coins for tokens. But there are some differences that every person should know when stepping into the cryptocurrency world. You can do many things with tokens, not with coins. But on the other hand, many marketplaces accept only coins, not crypto tokens. So, you can say that both have their importance and benefits. Find your best cryptocurrency exchange.

Understand Crypto Coins

A digital or you can call virtual currency that employs encryption to ensure the integrity of financial transactions is called a crypto coin. A distributed ledger system known as a blockchain is responsible for its organization and oversight. It acts as a trustworthy ledger of transactions, such as purchasing, selling, and transferring of ownership of assets.

You can mine the crypto coins through the process of PoW (proof of work). But the less availability of coins urges the crypto hunters to go for the PoS (proof of stake) process to earn the coins. However, the data of all the transactions is available on the blockchain. 

Understand Token

Crypto tokens’ presence relies on cryptocurrency. Because tokens are digital assets that are built on a specific blockchain, they can’t possess their own. Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores information in blocks that are linked. This information is a full program, and transaction records operate on a blockchain known as a smart contract. It represents a marketable asset or service that is maintained on its own blockchain and allows the holder the capacity to use it for economic or investment purposes. This kind of asset is known as a token.

Difference between crypto tokens vs coins

Cryptocoin is a digital currency that is often native to the blockchain. Its primary purpose is to store value and work as a medium of crypto exchange. It is decentralized and uses cryptographic signatures. It is a built-in logic in the protocol of a blockchain.

Crypto tokens are digital assets built on the existing blockchain known as a smart contract. It can serve various functions, from representing a physical object to granting access to platform-specific services and features. It is programmable logic in a smart contract deployed to a blockchain.

The most significant difference between the two is that coins are the native assets of blockchain like RBTC, BTC, and ETH, While crypto tokens are built on the already existing blockchain by using smart contracts. Both are the same from the end-user’s point of view, but there are considerable technical differences.

Moreover, crypto coins are digital money, while the token is like an asset. When you transfer the coin, only the value transfers from your wallet to another wallet. But the token, for example, NFT, moves in physically when we trade them with others. 

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