Custom Hot Dog Boxes an Optimal Choice to Boost the Food Brand

What Are the Important Features of Custom Hot Dog Trays?

Food packaging needs excellent attention. Hot dogs are vulnerable to external damage, and there are higher chances of getting stale and contaminated. Our custom hot dog trays are the best way to preserve your hot dogs from getting polluted. You can design a custom box in any color and shape, giving it a more exciting look. Moreover, the best tool to market your brand to the crowd is customized packages with printed logos available at reasonable prices. Order now, experience our services, and give wings to your hot dog business.

Design Your Custom Hot Dog Box in Any Style and Size:

Hot dogs have various sizes and shapes. There is a great need to design an authentic box style for the actual packaging of hot dogs. You can create your hot dog trays in custom styles that accurately fit your products. Our manufacturers can customize trays with a lid and without a top. Moreover, if you have any unique design ideas in your mind, convey them to our team, and they will come with your desired box style.

Seeking Secure Packaging of Hot Dogs? Try Our Custom Printed Hot Dog Trays:

Today, customers focus more on food packaging than the quality of inside products. We utilize premium quality material that gives an extraordinary appearance to your packaging. Besides this, a hot dog box manufactured with a high-end material keeps your hot dogs warm and fresh for a longer time. So, you cannot maintain the quality of products without using the best printing choices.

How Eco-Friendly Can Kraft Hot Dog Boxes Benefit Your Business?

Are you an environment-friendly person but do not have any idea about eco-friendly packaging? We are here to reduce your stress. You can choose a kraft paper board to craft your hot dog trays. Kraft is made of wooden chips and a 100% climate-friendly material. It is an applicable option to pack lightweight products like hot dogs. On the one hand, it keeps your hot dogs protected, and on the other hand, packaging can be recycled and decomposed without polluting the surroundings.

Grab the Target Audience with Custom Hot Dog Trays Adorned with Finishings:

Today, competition is high in the market. Each food brand wishes to excel over its competitors. Though it seems challenging, we have made it simple for you. We utilize various printing options to create unique and luxurious custom hot dog boxes. We apply embossing and debossing to provide a three-dimensional impact to packaging and give an exciting appearance to packaging.

On the other hand, foil stamping enriches your packaging. It is available in various colors, but silver and gold foiling have a breathtaking effect. Besides this, handles are also added to make them easy to carry during shipping and storage.

Create More Durable and Alluring Hot Dog Tray Packaging with Extraordinary Coatings:

Coatings are one of the main components of add-ons. There are two primary reasons to apply diverse coating options.

  1. Firstly, coatings make your packaging more appealing and stunning. Using matte and gloss lamination gives your packaging a soft and shiny texture. Moreover, spot UV is applied to create more fancy and gorgeous hot dog trays.
  2. Secondly, the use of coatings helps in creating more endurable packaging. Like aqueous coating is water-based and secures packaging from smudges and fingerprints.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

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