Delegate Content Creation: 3 Tips

You have found your web editor, but since you don’t have content writing skills, you are afraid of losing control of the writing. And finally, to end up with items that don’t look like you. However, delegating content creation with confidence is possible! This does not mean getting rid of this task, but supervising it. In addition to that, you will make someone happy by entrusting this mission to a web editor who is enthusiastic about this work.

Provide him with the necessary resources and help to ensure that this mission will be a success. To collaborate with a web editor, you must first define your T&Cs together, prepare a briefing and finally trust him.

1. Determine the T&Cs for a peaceful collaboration

The GCS are the general conditions of sale often ignored by entrepreneurs. And yet, signing them at the same time as the estimate secures the service. They specify the terms of order, payment, and delivery. Thus, the service is framed. You are aware of the conditions of execution, of the intellectual property, of the partial or total, even final, assignments of copyright, or even of no assignment. But also, reservations of ownership, exclusivity and guarantee of eviction with the responsibilities of the web editor and yours. It is therefore a contract that binds you, by displaying the clauses which constitute the basis of your negotiation. This contract protects both of you equally.

Delegating content writing is like entrusting someone with a mission. And this person must conscientiously apply your directives and put their skills in parallel at your service. No matter what content he writes, blog articles, product sheets, video transcripts, or eBooks, you must be clear with the T&Cs. The web editor must understand what your expectations and those of your company are. To delegate effectively and serenely, the T&Cs are essential.

2. Define a precise briefing before collaborating with a writer

To delegate content creation without losing control, you need to frame the mission. In your editorial briefing, you define your objectives and your expectations, so the web editor finds the essence by creating the text that suits you. The clearer your instructions are, the more the data that the writer transcribes will retain the imprint of the information transmitted. Thus, each of the parties has in its possession the same information.

The briefing is a set of rules that specifies your values ​​and what you want to find in your writing. The first editorial brief is the most difficult to organize, and once established, it will serve as a model for future projects. You must fill in certain essential points such as the number of words, the tone used, the subject, the style used, the keywords and the budget. What matters is that the Wikipedia page creation agency focuses on getting the result of writing your content, not on executing it.

The briefing is an essential step in the success of your editorial projects, just as important as finding a good web editor.

3. Delegate content creation with confidence

The web editor has shown you his references, and on studying his portfolio you will find that his style suits you. You can now offer him your complete briefing and have complete confidence in him. Ask him what he expects from you during this mission. Communicate to your web editor the challenge of the task in question, and how it fits into your overall strategy.

Effectively delegating your content creation starts with adopting a transparent attitude. Trust is the basis of a good relationship between a manager and his web editor. Be open-minded to control the delegation process, keeping a minimum of the progress of the creation. Regularly ask for updates by taking stock with a phone call to take the temperature. But, do not seek to be intrusive, just to provide your support, if in any case a blockage arises. With experience, confidence will develop.

To conclude, demonstrate organization, transparency and trust. And in the end, your content creation will be pampered, be sure of that. The web editor will have designed a text especially for you, meeting your expectations and transcribing your values. See it as an opportunity to save your energy and develop a lasting partnership with this professional. By being transparent with your copywriter, you should be fine.

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