Delivery businesses to start under 5k Before we jump into the ideas here is what you will need to get started and yes besides that 5k

●    Good credit: Having good credit will help a lot this will secure your cargo van, and having a good score will get you a low down payment

●    A LLC will run you around $400 with a tax Id number

●    A website can help promote your business you can get a free website on sites like GoDaddy

●    Social media accounts also help with branding ( free)

●    A Dolly is a tool used to help move your products this will run you around $150

●    Business card; pass these bad boys around to local businesses ($35)

● A Great personality will help get you a lot of busines

●    The year  2022 is soon over and we are heading into 2023 and which means it is time to start a business! Starting a business may seem scary, but the first thing that comes to mind is where will i get the money to start a business, in this article I will list 5 delivery-based businesses you can start for under 5k!

●    s! ( FREE!)

Imagine building a delivery business for under 5k and flipping for 100k on websites that sell them here are some examples where you can find delivery routes for sale

Delivery is a type of business that is rapidly growing in popularity. There are many different types of delivery businesses, but the most common ones are

●     Moving services: There are two ways to get into this type of business: you can start your own delivery company or you can work for an existing one. To start your own company, you will need to purchase a vehicle and invest in equipment like boxes and packing materials. You will then need to find a location for your office space, which should be close enough to where you deliver goods so that you don’t have too much downtime between deliveries. To work for an existing company, all you have to do is apply!

●     Furniture delivery: A furniture delivery service is a business that delivers furniture and other large items to customers. They offer a variety of services, including assembly, installation, and removal. There are many benefits to this kind of business. For one thing, it requires little in the way of start-up capital because it doesn’t require any physical inventory. This means you can start your own furniture delivery service with just a van or truck and some basic tools.

●    Supermarket coupon delivery: It’s no secret that supermarkets are losing their grip on the grocery game. The rise of e-commerce and discount stores has killed the supermarket’s monopoly on groceries. But what can supermarkets do to stay relevant? One answer is to offer delivery service for supermarkets that have more local customers, and make a deal with the owners that you will deliver the coupons to a zone once a week.

●     Grocery delivery: The grocery delivery business is a booming industry with an increasing number of people opting to have food delivered to their homes. There are many ways that you can start a grocery delivery business. You can create your own company, or you can work for a company that already has an established service.

Conclusion: So we showed what is needed to start, how much you need, and what businesses you can do under 5k, now do you have what it takes to start a transportation business or a

delivery business in the year 2023? It will seem hard but I believe you have what it takes!