Differences and advantages comparison between CNC spinning and manual spinning

The movement principle of CNC spinning and manual spinning in the product forming process is the same. The clamping force is provided through the tail top to drive the material to rotate together with the spindle. The cutter wheel moves the material from point to line and from point to line according to the predetermined tool path. Extension from line to surface, perfect forming. The difference is that in CNC metal spinning, the CNC machine tool controls the path that the cutter wheel takes during the spin forming process, as well as the gap between the cutter wheel and the mold. Due to the high operating precision of CNC machine tools, good equipment rigidity, and large processing power, the manufactured products have good consistency, stable production, and can well control the accuracy of the products; while in the manual spin forming process, the knife is manually controlled The tool path of the cutter wheel is determined by the rod. The tool path and gap are different between each product, resulting in unstable product accuracy in batches.

When the thickness of the spinning material exceeds a certain range (iron exceeds 1.2mm, aluminum spinning exceeds 1.5mm, stainless steel exceeds 1mm), manual strength cannot support the processing force required during spinning, and it is easy to cause the product to be scrapped. When manual spinning is used to make thin aluminum and iron products, the outer wall surface of the processed product will be better than the surface of CNC spinning. However, after CNC spinning has continuously improved its process technology in recent years, the outer wall surface of spinning products has become very similar to manual spinning.

When spinning, the contact area between the rotating wheel and the blank is very small, and the processed material only undergoes local plastic deformation, and the deformation resistance is small. Large-scale products can be processed with small-tonnage equipment. It is suitable for manufacturing hollow cones, cylindrical parts, hemispheres and thin An effective method for precision products such as wall pipes. Spinning products have high precision, good mechanical properties and a wide range of sizes. The spinning tool mold is simple and easy to replace; for manufacturing certain products, the production cost is lower than other methods. The main disadvantages are long production hours, low output, and limited variety. Suitable for producing small batches and multiple varieties of products.

BE-CU metal spinning china company is located in China ,Factory building covers an area of 1800 square meters .We invest 8 CNC metal spinning machines and other fabrication machines such as rolling ,deep drawing , flanging ,welding ,5 axis laser cutting.

The wheels of the new ordinary spinning and powerful spinning machines are hydraulically driven and equipped with hydraulic profiling and CNC systems.

Small and medium-sized spinning machine tools are mostly horizontal, while large ones are mostly vertical. Spinning machine tools require good rigidity, high power, high precision and good versatility. The current leading spinning machine tools can spin parts with a diameter of 6 meters, and the rotating wheel pressure can reach hundreds of tons.

In addition to general-purpose spinning machines, there are also various special-purpose spinning machines (such as head spinning machines), as well as mass-produced spinning production lines (such as manufacturing oil drums and automobile wheels).

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