Difficulties Encountered by iOS Developers

Apple is constantly improving. iOS has been utilized on various devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, for many years. Yet, with each update, Apple introduces new capabilities and challenges for developers worldwide. The following tips address the obstacles iOS developers have when creating iOS applications: However, iOS developers confront several obstacles while designing an iOS application. Several iOS developer obstacles are listed below:

Apple routinely updates the iOS developer kit, which allows anybody to create iOS applications. However, iOS developers confront obstacles while designing iOS applications, such as:


If you wish to publish your software through the App Store, you must be at least 18 years old and pay an annual membership cost of 99 USD. This might be a significant obstacle for iOS developers just starting or those who are only exploring a concept. Also, the age limitation might be a barrier for young, skilled engineers who still need to fulfill the age requirement.


Rejection from the App Store Apple is quite stringent on the quality criteria for apps in the App Store and has established explicit guidelines that an app must adhere to. Your application may be denied for the following reasons:

Poor Performance

An application may be denied if it does not execute without significant hiccups. Apple places a high value on user pleasure; if an app is sluggish to launch, unresponsive, or has substantial flaws, it is likely to be rejected from the App Store.

Lack of information

Lack of information about the application: Each must have metadata that defines the application’s performance, such as images, videos, and descriptions.

Safety Concerns

The app should not contain undesirable content, such as anything that encourages violence, pornography, illicit drug use, etc. If the app is intended for children, it cannot feature third-party analytics or advertising.

Inadequate UI and UX

The application must have a user interface that is intuitive and not overly complicated. The layout must be aesthetically acceptable and contain appropriate margins and padding. Additionally, the app should not be too difficult to use since this might negatively impact the entire user experience.

Copy of an existing application

If the app is identical to another on the App Store, it will be rejected because it lacks original content.

Compatibility with equipment

Apple has introduced eleven versions of the iPhone, and each new iPhone has significant hardware and software upgrades. Otherwise, the software will not operate on the most recent iPhone, necessitating that developers be abreast of the latest features and update the program accordingly. Although it takes longer for a new iPhone to be published than Android, developers still need to be aware of the significant changes in iOS releases and iOS obstacles.

Resource Consumption

An application has restricted access to vital resources, including battery, CPU power, and memory, and must minimize its consumption to avoid interfering with the device’s functionality. This may cause the user to delete the app from their smartphone or rate it poorly, affecting the program’s popularity in the App Store. To maximize resource utilization, the application must be free of significant flaws and contain no extraneous code. The focus should be on testing the application and eliminating defects using an agile methodology. Occasionally, developers must create two versions of a single software to make it compatible with low-end and high-end devices. Maintaining two versions of the same program might increase development time and expense.

Required hardware and software

The most challenging aspect of designing an iOS application is that its Integrated Development Environment is only compatible with Mac computers. To build an iOS application, a developer must have a Mac. This hardware limitation forces the developer to make it on a particular platform, thereby increasing the challenge.

Storage Issues

iOS devices lack the garbage collection feature. The program might be terminated if it becomes source-controlled. Consequently, managing memory within an iOS application is a complex issue for developers. While developing an application for a specific version of iOS, we must recognize that the same version operates on multiple iPhone devices, each of which has a varied capacity and memory. Some programs and games consume a great deal of storage space. Even if the program or game is compatible with the user’s smartphone, they cannot utilize it.

Battery and Performance Enhancement

Battery Drainage is a severe issue that is widespread among Apple customers. Customers are likely to delete an IOS application if they learn it is consuming their phone’s battery. Therefore, iOS developers must guarantee that the program does not perform unnecessary processes that might drain the battery. Battery and performance optimization, being a challenging task in and of itself, must be carefully examined, especially when a new iOS version is released.

High Expectations Regarding UX/UI

iOS has emerged as the consumer preference of choice because of its superior UX and clean style. When developing an iOS application, developers must consider the end-user’s needs and practicality. They must ensure that the UI incorporates only the essential components to make the functioning intuitive. When creating UI/UX for an application, developers should consider modern designs to create an intuitive and intelligent interface. Since Apple has always supplied its consumers with superior quality, the developers must maintain the quality of the applications; otherwise, people would not like them.


Apple continuously introduces hardware and software advancements while adhering to stringent security and control standards. Companies and developers specializing in iOS development must confirm these improvements to reduce the number of challenges experienced throughout the application development process. The iOS, as mentioned above, developer problems provide developers with an understanding of the difficulties they may face and a head start on the obstacles they may encounter during the development process. However, developers must comprehend the requirement for periodic updates to reduce their workload and deliver excellent solutions to end customers. Continuous testing and development experience will enable you to overcome all upcoming challenges.

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