Packing For a Family Trip? The Do’s and Don’ts

Packing for a family trip, but don’t know where to start? To help you out we’ve come up with Do’s and Don’ts to relieve you of the packing stress that accumulates right before a big trip.

Begin with a packing list

Creating a packing list makes the chances of forgetting something you need much less likely. Start this list a week prior to your trip. This allows you time to remember things you may have forgotten. We suggest dry cleaning saving a packing list electronically, as this makes it easy to change and update the list as necessary for each trip. Printing out hard copies of the list can be helpful as you can check off each item packed as you go. You can also pass out a list to each child so that they do not forget anything.

Pack your clothes by day not by person

You can do this by putting the clothes into a plastic bag or packing cube for each day of the trip. This allows for easier navigation as you do not need to search through multiple suitcases to locate everyone’s clothes. This also gives you a place to put dirty clothes at the end of the day.

Bring a first aid kid including medications

When traveling with children you never know what could happen and it is better to be safe than sorry. Having bandages and medications can be extremely helpful. You can buy a basic first aid kit and then add in things particular to your family. Be sure to have the right medications to accommodate to all ages of your family.

Have everyone carry their own backpack

If kids carry their own backpack then it helps limit the number of items they will pack. If the kids are young you can distribute their belongings between one of your bags and theirs.

Have snacks on hand

Pack snacks that are easy to carry around including granola bars, carrots, dried fruits/nuts, etc. Also hide a few treats that can be used in times of need such as candy and cookies.

Bring sporting equipment

This includes boogie boards, snorkeling gear, and other water toys. If your family is traveling to a location where you will want to use these things odds are there will be a place to rent them nearby. This saves you room in your luggage.

Pack clothes or shoes you and your family have never worn before Vacation is not the right time to try and break in new shoes or to attempt a new look. Stick with outfits and footwear that you know are comfortable and will work for the environment you will be in.

Bring separate toiletries bags

You can assume you will all be getting ready in the bathroom and so it makes sense to all share one bag. This allows you to save space and money as you do not need to bring multiples of the same items.

Forget to leave space for souvenirs
Chances are you and your family will be buying souvenirs to bring home. It is important to factor this in when packing and leave extra room in your suitcases.

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