The Desert Safari is an unusual adventure activity involving dune-bashing carried out in a sizable truck. In the desert, there are dunes everywhere, and because they are constantly shifting, new dunes are forming every minute. Despite the difficulty of driving on sand, challenging vehicles such as 4 X 4 Land Cruisers are designed to navigate these dangerous dunes.

The Dubai Desert Safari includes many extra activities, both in the desert and in the campground. Some available activities include camel pasture visits, sandboarding, and watching the desert sunset. At the desert camp, visitors can enjoy feasts, sheesha smoking, belly dancing, & Tanura dancing.


At Magical Dubai, you’ll find the most outstanding selection of excursions and sandy safaris in Dubai. We are one of the most reputable tour operators in Dubai. Travelers come to Dubai for the Dubai Desert Safari, the city’s most breathtaking adventure. Several affordable packages are available for guests from Magical Dubai Tourism. They make the most of their adventure thanks to Dubai’s renowned desert safari.

Any option for a desert safari can take you to a realm of beautiful dawns. (Evening Desert Safari), graceful sunsets (Morning Desert Safari), or brilliant stars that fill the night sky (Overnight Desert Safari). The best part is that this pleasure is affordable. Because we are concerned about your pocketbook, we maintain low prices.


Discover the beautiful landscapes of the Arab Peninsula by going on our Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai. The most exciting journey for tourists will include live entertainment, arts, and events. Then, after a pleasant rest stop, proceed by driving a beautiful land cruiser into the serene desert from the bustling city. Stop in the dunes to relax, take in the scenery, and document the special moments. Visitors will feel at home in the warmth of Arabian hospitality by being greeted at camp with Arabic tea and coffee in a customary manner. You can sandboard through the dunes, see the belly dance, ride a camel, and partake in a variety of other activities while you eat in addition to these activities.


Throughout this excursion, you can leave all of your problems behind you. Dune bashing is one of the most thrilling and unique activities. Leave a sand path in your wake as you go through the red dune safari. It will be a lovely experience if you travel with family or friends. Our professionals will provide you with all the equipment and safety supplies to provide a fun and secure riding experience. The regular Desert Dune Bashing and quad biking sessions in Dubai run 45 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively, while longer sessions can be arranged for an extra charge.

We will pick you up and drop you off at any hotel or apartment in Dubai or Sharjah. Enjoy the ride across the stunning red dune desert safari as you unwind and engage in a little dune-bashing fun. This trip is guaranteed to be an experience you won’t soon forget. This 6- to 7-hour sandy trip and dune-bashing excursion will teach you about the gorgeous and unusual red dunes. A highly skilled driver from Safari will accompany you on this challenging 45-minute dune bashing tour across the red dune of the Al Lehbab desert.