Easiest Language to Learn for Spanish Speakers

We are living in a globalized world. In this globalized world, we come across many people that speak different languages. To live confidently with day-to-day activities in different languages, people learn new languages or take the assistance of translation services. Top global companies of the world hire polyglot employees. 

Employees that speak multiple languages are demanded more than people that speak only a single language. Some languages are mutually intelligible with others. This means if you learn these languages, it will help you in learning many other languages. Young people learn a new language more quickly than old people. Never mind, if your aunt and uncle want to learn the Spanish language and are facing problems in learning then they can take the assistance of professional Spanish translation services.

It is an alternative for them. It is researched that if people try to learn a new language, it will keep their minds active. Therefore, if old people learn the Spanish language instead of taking the assistance of Spanish translation services, then they are less prone to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Furthermore, learning the Spanish language will help them learn another language Let’s find out which languages are easy to learn for Spanish speakers.  


English and Spanish language contain many similarities. This is why it is one of the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers. These both are Latin languages that contain similar grammar rules and verb conjugations. Moreover, it is a phonetic language which means it is pronounced in the way it is written. This makes English words easy to pronounce and spell.

Another thing that makes English easy to learn is that it is native to millions of people around the world. Therefore, you often heard English words in daily conversation every day. When we heard words of the English language in conversations then it sounds familiar to people, whether they are Spanish speaker or not and they learn it easily.


French is a romance language which is why it shares a lot of grammar with Spanish. It is also written in the Latin alphabet so Spanish speakers can read it without any difficulty. The French language is native to many countries in Europe and North America. Therefore, it is one of the important languages to learn. French is mutually intelligible with Spanish. Therefore, Spanish speakers can catch French words more quickly than English speakers. On the contrary, French speakers can also learn Spanish easily because both languages share the same words and grammar structures.


As a Spanish speaker, if you want to learn another language then the Italian language is a viable option for you. The Italian language uses the same alphabet as well as cognates. Therefore, Spanish speakers can learn the Italian language easily. In addition to it, Italian is a romantic language like Spanish and shares many grammar rules.

Learning Italian is very beneficial for you because it is considered the best communication language in the global business landscape. So, despite taking assistance from professional Italian translation services, one must learn the Italian language. 

The phonetics of Spanish and Italian languages are also similar. This helps the Spanish speaker to pronounce the Italian words without any effort. Many times, it has been observed that Spanish speakers can understand Italian not in spoken form. However, they can also understand written Italian. Therefore, if you are in process of learning the Italian language then you don’t need to go for Italian translation services for business documents.


Do you know that Russian is one of the most difficult languages to learn for English speakers? This is because both languages have different grammatical rules and different sentence structures. But this is not the case for Spanish speakers. For Spanish speakers, Russian is another Language that is easy to learn. Just like the Italian language, Russian is also a romance language. 

Therefore, these both languages share grammar rules and vocabulary. If you are confused among the languages then as a Spanish speaker, you can learn the Russian language without taking extra time. In this way, you don’t have to take the assistance of Russian translation services. 

The important thing to note is that you will find the Russian language difficult to learn at first. However, it gets easy when you pass the initial stages. During the initial stage of learning, if you need to present any business document in Russian, you must go for professional Russian translation services.


Portuguese is another language that is easy language to learn for Spanish speakers. This language is easy to learn because Portuese and Russian both came from Latin roots and follow the same grammar structure. 

Many benefits are associated with learning Portuguese because many Latin American countries speak this language. If you are planning a trip to Latin America then learn Portuguese. As a Spanish speaker, you won’t take time in learning the Portuguese language.

Wrapping Up

Germanic languages such as Dutch and German are difficult languages to learn for Spanish speakers. These languages have different grammatical structures and sentence compositions. 

Then why toil hard in learning difficult languages? Start your polyglot journey by learning easy languages then move towards learning difficult languages. In this blog, we have found that English, French, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese are the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers. Out of these languages, which language will you learn first?