Every Buffalo Wild Wings Flavor, Ranked

Since The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors initially opened its doors in Columbus, Ohio in 1982, the fast-casual behemoth has revolutionized what it means to be a chain restaurant in America. By mixing all things alcoholic and fried with a command center’s worth of HD screens for watching sports, Buffalo Wild Wings has swiftly become one of America’s most omnipresent franchises.

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without B-Dubs’ wings, sauces, and spices.

So how can one qualify wildness? Naturally, the spicy factor comes into play, but it’s just a minor consideration when evaluating the dish. Wildness is defined by a mix of flavor, surprising aspects and combinations, and the name’s ability to accurately express what you’re eating.

So without further ado, here is a ranking of the craziest Buffalo Wild Wing flavors.

Seasoning From Buffalo

Buffalo Wild Wings deserves praise for adopting an unconventional approach by turning its famous Buffalo sauce into a rub. As a result, we’re left wondering why we’d settle for something drier and more gristly than the original Buffalo sauce.

BBQ With Honey

Sweet and smokey flavors abound in this honey BBQ sauce. The wing, on the other hand, was much too sweet and viscous to get a higher wildness rating than it did. Honey is the only ingredient that really shines through in this sauce.

Honey Mustard Infused With Bourbon.

Buffalo seasoning is a favorite of ours, but we also appreciate this take on the classic sweet coating: Bourbon honey mustard. However, its too mustardy taste obscures the bourbon that’s meant to be present, preventing it from being at the top of the class.


This is the most important thing to know about Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons. Teriyaki purists (we’re looking at you, Seattle) will be let down by this sauce’s lack of sesame and umami, which make it a little too sweet and a little too gingery for their taste.

Zing Of The East

The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors Asian Zing is a wilder Asian-inspired sauce compared to teriyaki. It’s a little gooey and has a lot of soy in it. For those times when your beef and broccoli (or chicken wings) require an additional dose of sauce, have a jar of this on hand.

Spicy Grilled Meats

The perfume of this sauce is wonderful, but the “hot” and “BBQ” labels don’t mesh well. Please, someone, convert this into a candle. Instead of suffocating the barbecue taste under the weight of the heat, these flavors should work in harmony. But it’s hardly the best sauce out there.

The Dryness Of The Land

This sauce’s moniker may be the finest of all time. When Robert Duvall says, “I enjoy the scent of Desert Heat in the morning,” in Apocalypse Now, you can clearly hear him. Sadly, that’s not the way we’re judging this piece of work today. As far as taste combinations go, it’s one of the best out there, but it’s a bit too salty, obscuring all the nice things.


Skin that’s paper-thin yet crispy, and juicy meat that’s just the right amount of salty. At least, it’s one of the nicer basic wings you can get at a quick-service restaurant. Because it shouldn’t be this fantastic, it makes it much more exciting.

Sweet And Smoky BBQ

A sweet BBQ sauce-like flavor is there, but it isn’t completely filled out as in the teriyaki. Watery and too sugary, it’s a bit of a let-down. Customers will undoubtedly be satisfied, but barbecue specialists will be less than thrilled.

Vinegar With Sea Salt

Wings that are properly seasoned with salt and vinegar need to be thoroughly tossed to ensure each mouthful has a generous serving of the flavor. The saltiness and acidity work nicely together, and the combination of the two will make you rethink ordering sauced wings. A bad batch, in which you’re alternating between salt and vinegar and nothing, means you’ll be demanding a refund from the company. You have to strike a fine balance.

Blazin’ is certainly hot, according to the latest Blazin’ news. Huffing the The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors 350,000 Scoville-unit scorchers will cause bubble guts. This sauce isn’t something you’d eat regularly. On top of that, it tastes exactly like what it looks like: charred and smokey. However, if you are seeking a flavorful sauce or spice, you’ll be better off using something else.

This is Buffalo Wild Wings’ “utility player” sauce. Spice, sweetness, and taste are all in plenty (the pepper and vinegar balancing themselves out). Although it’s billed as Buffalo The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors fourth-hottest sauce, this isn’t nearly as hot as the chain’s own spice scale would suggest.

Spiced Garlic

It’s garlicky to the core of this sauce. Spicy is the last thing you’ll find in this sauce. The name aside, this sauce is excellent—like it’s The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors Mild sauce stepped up a notch (more on that in a bit). Our advice is to avoid conducting a meeting after eating a 14-piece order covered in the stuff.


A rating of wildness could seem to favor the long-time favorite Wild sauce of Buffalo Wild Wings, yet here we are. The sauce’s name actually holds it back from achieving a better ranking:

The second-hottest sauce in the chain is supposed to be hotter, but it doesn’t feel as though a lit firecracker is going off in your mouth as you would think. However, it makes up for it with a taste profile that is quite complex. Vinegar? That’s certain. Smoking? You betcha. What’s going on with my mouth? You betcha.

Jerk From The Caribbean

Sweet wing sauce fans looking for an alternative need go no farther than this gingery, tangy, and moderate alternative. This sauce isn’t as fiery as a true jerk, but it still packs a punch.


Think Hot but without any spiciness left behind. If you’re planning a party and want to impress everyone, this is the sauce you’ll sprinkle over your wings. In the The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors sauce line-up, this is the denim jacket.

Peppers With A Hint Of Lemon

Let’s credit Atlanta and Rick Ross for bringing a dash of spice to the current pop culture landscape. Even though it has been popular in Atlanta for years, the lemon-pepper wing has finally gone mainstream thanks to The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors inclusion of it on their menu. Incredibly tasty, the fast-food chain’s rendition goes nicely with just about any dipping sauce on the menu.

Cooking With Thai Spices

Thai curry has a unique taste that is spicy, savory, and satisfyingly grittier than any other curry. Everything from sweet chiles to coconuts goes into making a sauce that surprises you in a good way, hitting you from all directions at once.

BBQ With Chipotle Peppers

The smokiness of mesquite and the heat of chipotle chiles are clearly visible in this flavor, which is why it bears its name. Unlike many other seasonings, you can taste the chipotle and BBQ flavorings, as well as everything else that’s intended to be in here. The coating is also great.

Buffalo sauce should be served at a medium-medium heat level. Its body, on the other hand, is genuinely one-of-a-kind: Adding to the challenge of gnawing to the bone, it’s thick and dense. With a hint of heat and an unexpected acidity in the finish, it’s also rather spicy. Everything you purchase at The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors should be drizzled with the Medium sauce, even the dessert.

Garlic With Parmesan

By turning it into a sauce, The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors achieves the perfect balance of taste. Both the cheese and the garlic aren’t overpowering, but the flavor is huge and powerful. In the fast-casual chicken wing market, this is the de facto standard bearer for everything parmesan and garlic.

Chipotle Mango

Mango Habanero is The Top 15 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors craziest sauce, both in terms of its name and its savage taste. Sauces like this one are so hot that you can easily eat 14 wings covered in it, but you’ll also be soaked in perspiration because of the intensity of the flavor.

From the mango-infused top notes to the searing, habanero-fueled back end, everything works in perfect harmony. To put it simply, this sauce is an utter wrecker and crazier than any Friday night at a frat party.

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