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Amazing Facts of Greece and Turkey You Must Know Before Planning Trip

Greece and turkey are the best destinations for holidays. Greece and turkey consist full of joy and amazing things with great history, culture, friendly people,  dishes and unique world-famous things. Different Greece and turkey tour packages allow you to experience the above items. Celebrating your holidays in Greece and turkey with amazing facts.

Amazing facts about Greece and Turkey you must know.

Greece is known for being the sunniest place in the world.

According to weather and climatic conditions, Greece has about 250-300 sunny days yearly. It is about 2800-3100 hours of all-day sunshine, which visitors like and provides a great tour experience. Especially in Rhodes is the sunniest place in Greece.

Greek isles are home to over 6000 beautiful islands.

It is a unique place in Greece for visitors. Of 6000 islands, only 277 are inhabited; each island has a different culture and landscape. All sites have different adventurous things that excite you. It is a prominent place surrounded by water and other islands.

Greece is home to 18 UNESCO world heritage sites.

It is also one of the best places in Greece, consisting of 18 world heritage sites. Out of 18 sites, 16 are based on cultural criteria, such as the temple of Apollo, Acropolis Athens and the medieval city of Rhodes. It is famous for its culture and history; these are natural significance.

The structure of Greece is made up of mountains.

Most people think Greece is all about whitewashed buildings and blue dome churches of the cities on the Mediterranean. Still, the theory says that the majority of Greece is mountains. According to Greece’s official tourism sites, Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.

Greece’s coastline is about 16000 kilometres.

The blue coastline is about 9942 miles, and 4660 of those miles are around thousand of the island of the greek archipelago. All are the beautiful place which gives you beautiful vibes and the best view of the Mediterranean. Sometimes it becomes jam-packed, especially in the summers.

Santorini has different colour beaches.

Santorini consists of black, red and white colour beaches. Volcanic process forms these black colour beaches. The beaches contain black sand and very slippery pebbles in the water. Take care of the area because you will go off swimming if you are too close.

The Patron of Athens is Goddess

It is the goddess of warfare, strategy and wisdom of Greece. It is a myth or theory that Athena was their patron. After she won, people came over with the gift of an olive tree. Poseidon offers the city water, but they consider Athena’s gift higher value. They are the great goddess of greek because of their achievements and history.

Greece is the third largest producer of olives.

Olive trees are a demanding thing all over the world. Approximately 2.2 million metric tons of olives produce in Greece each year. The many countries are Greece, Spain and Italy; Greece makes different varieties of olives compared to other countries.

Greece is home to more archaeological museums than any other country.

Greece is also famous for its museum located in Athens. It is the most knowledgeable place in Greece, which provides knowledge about the culture of Greece, its history, facts and figures and information about Greece gods and goddesses with their achievements.

Greece has a diverse array of wildlife.

Greece is full of knowledgeable things and rare and unique animals such as beech marten, the Cypriot mouflon and the Mediterranean monk seal. Most of the animals are found on Greece islands. There are some rarely found animals you can see during monsoon. Approximately 100000 bird species migrate to greeGreece’slands every winter of the year.

Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia.

Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents. Because the town sits on the Bosphorus, it is a beautiful strait with one side in Europe and the other in Asia. It is split into two parts by the golden horn inlet, the best tourist attraction in Turkey.

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Greece and turkey are the best places for holidays. Many unique and interesting facts about Greece and turkey guide you on tour. Greece and turkey are surrounded by great sites and artefacts representing history and culture. Packages arrange by Roaming Routes which provide you with these types of knowledge.