How Can Fleet Management System Help Improve Driver Retention

Driver retention is very low for several fleet businesses. Do you think that a fleet management system can aid managers in reducing their driver turnover rate? Well, there is only one way to find out, by reading this article further of course!

But before we see how fleet management software is effective in mitigating this issue, let us understand why driver retention is an issue in the first place. The following section will help you understand this issue. 

How Can Driver Turnover be High for a Fleet Business?

So why do you think driver turnover is an issue for most fleet businesses? Here are some reasons why this might be possible:

  • Lack of Visibility: When a driver puts in efforts towards their job, they expect to be recognised for this effort. But for managers, it is very hard to keep track of each driver and their tasks with manual management methods. This dissatisfaction might pile up for diligent drivers. They might look for better opportunities elsewhere for recognition. 
  • Unclear Tasks: Relaying the information on task instructions and decided routes is very important. But if managers fail to execute this process properly, it might result in drivers’ performance. Unfortunately, it is common to see this in fleet businesses. This can discourage a driver and can lead to them leaving the organisation as well. 
  • Poorly Maintained Vehicles: Vehicles that are not maintained well can be fatal on the roads. Forcing drivers to complete tasks in such vehicles can endanger their lives as it is easy to lose control of such vehicles. Not ensuring vehicle health can be a factor in driver turnover.
  • Unfair Pay: For drivers that get paid for the distance they cover during their transportation tasks, an accurate metre reading is essential. But with manual management, it is difficult to ensure this. Thus, it might lead to drivers getting less money than what they earned. This can once again make them feel cheated. 

Is Fleet Management Software Able to Mitigate these Challenges?

Can fleet management systems help fleet businesses increase their driver retention rate? Let us look into solutions that can help this process:

  • Progress Tracking: GPS tracking system helps fleet businesses stay aware of their drivers. This means they can also track their productivity via various solutions. Having this data in physical reports mean that drivers who make efforts to improve are easily noticeable. This makes incentivising them easier and can boost their trust in the fleet business. 
  • Odometer Integration: Integrating an odometer and connecting it to the fleet management system can help managers see the distance covered by drivers during their tasks. Thus, they can pay them for the amount distance accurately without any discrepancies. 
  • Servicing and Maintenance: This feature helps managers maintain their vehicles in good shape. Thus, drivers do not have to worry about their safety on the roads. This helps them trust their employers as well. Drivers who are satisfied with the measures taken by fleet businesses for keeping them safe will spend more time with that company. 


Having a fleet management system optimising a fleet business can reap several benefits. This includes having a happy driver workforce as well. This is why investing in a vehicle tracking system is an essential part of running a business. 

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