Get a Residency Visa in Dubai- With Property Investment!

Planning to buy a property in Dubai? Go for it because it is the most rewarding and lucrative investment option. With the boom in the real estate market in Dubai, changes in the mortgage norms, and umpteen number of property options available, a real estate agency in Dubai is the most rewarding option to go for.

However, one of the best benefits of buying a property in Dubai is getting a residency visa by property investment in Dubai. There are two options for receiving a residency visa for foreign investors in Dubai: purchasing a property in Dubai and via company registration.

Suppose you are skeptical and have concerns about getting a residency visa in Dubai. In that case, you need to approach the best property investment company in Dubai to guide you in the matter. The property agent will advise you on the purchase of the property, the kind of property that meets your needs, and the pros of getting a residential visa compared to a visa acquired via company registration.

Investment Company In Dubai

You must know beforehand the requirements for getting a residency visa in Dubai. Investing in Dubai is not as easy as walking in a park. Real estate investors must use their vigil and understand all the inputs about the property, including the real estate market trends, property prices, value appreciation, and many other things, to make an informed decision.

The professional and reliable property investment company in Dubai provides expert advice and guides property buyers with all the information and helps them buy the best property in sync with their needs and budget.

To avail of the residency visa, the buyer must invest in a residential property in Dubai. Buying a commercial property space will not make you liable for the residency visa. Only residential property enables one to get a residency visa. This property can be purchased in areas where an owner of freehold property for foreign real estate investors is permitted.

best property investment in Dubai

The experienced agent will guide you to make the best property investment in Dubai, where you can get great returns on investment and avail of a residency visa. It is essential to know that the value of the purchased property must not be less than 1 million dirhams. If several buyers buy the property, the stake value of every buyer must not be less than 1 million dirhams.

However, there was an essential change in this law in the year 2019. The property value that applied to one property earlier has now been the total of two properties together. Furthermore, the residency visa over property is now possible over purchasing an office or other commercial property in Dubai.

Other things that are taken into account are that the construction of the property should be completed. Property units still under construction, irrespective of their final value after construction, do not grant the right to receive the residency visa until the building is completed.

The residential visa issued based on property ownership is valid for 2 years with an option for prolongation. A Residency visa requires a property to be purchased in Dubai. If you streamline such an investment option, then it is an ideal solution.

However, it must be noted that the property visa does not grant the right to work in UAE; the visa through the company does provide the investor with such a right. Suppose the real estate investment in Dubai meets your plans and financials, and you do not have any leads to do business through a company in Dubai. In that case, the property residency visa is more straightforward and a cheaper option to go for.

Investment Company in Dubai

There are two ways to get a residency visa through the purchase of a property in Dubai.

1. First is to do it on your own. This requires several steps and formalities to be followed and forms to be filled beyond the layman’s understanding. So, it is better to opt for the second option of hiring expert help.

2. This option is to hire our company to do the job for you. We will help you grab the best property investment and support you to find all the formalities about residency visa acquirement. All this will be done by our experts in the shortest possible time and in a hassle-free manner.