Get Modern 3D Printers And Printing Accessories At Affordable Prices!

Do you want a special 3D printer that you can use from the comfort of your home/office? With the great advancements in 3D printing technology, 3D printers are no longer just for businesses with a big budget; now, you can easily get an affordable desktop 3D printer on Snapmaker black Friday. A desktop 3D printer is a small 3D printer that fits the surface of a regular desk. They don’t need a large open space. In contrast, desktop 3D printers are small and compact. The small size ensures you can use it in your office, so you shouldn’t worry about how much space it will take up.

Why own a 3D printer? Well, with a 3D printer, you can use your creativity to design and print 3D digital models with unsurpassed precision and accuracy! Besides working on your creative projects, you can see various 3D printing ideas on the web, and you will likely find one that works for you.

Where to find the best 3D printer? Snapmaker offers the best 3D printers at an affordable price with reliable features to ensure you get high-quality prints and enjoy smooth 3D printing. Snapmaker printers allow you to create objects ranging from simple things like toys to those requiring high precision, such as architectural prototypes. During Snapmaker 2.0 Black Friday, you can buy 3D printers for much less. Here are the excellent Snapmaker 3D printers you’ll get at a discounted price during Black Friday;

For Beginners – 2.0 AT

If you are new to 3D printing, you will need a user-friendly and easy-to-use 3D printer. Snapmaker 2.0 printer is the best choice for you. It allows you to create many objects, from everyday things like toys to those with complex geometries, such as architectural prototypes. Besides 3D printing, you will enjoy CNC laser engraving, cutting, and engraving. During Snapmaker Black Friday, you can save up to $630 on Snapmaker 2.0 printers. Here are some extra features

  • Modularity

The innovative application of CAN bus technology (Control Area Network) on the controller realizes modularity and ensures efficient and stable data transmission. You can always add more modules to expand the usability of your Snapmaker 2.0 3D printer. Snapmaker offers several modules that you can add depending on your project.

  • Free Software

Snapmaker Luban is a free custom software for Snapmaker 3D printers to control 3D printing, laser engraving, cutting, and CNC engraving.

  • Large workspace. With a large workspace, you can create large prototypes or print more miniatures at a go.
  • Easy to use

For advanced users – J1

The J1 high-speed IDEX 3D printer is for advanced users, and you can buy it on Snapmaker’s 2.0 Black Friday for an affordable price. The IDEX 3D printer is capable of super-fast printing with print speeds of up to 350mm/s and a max acceleration of 10,000 mm/s². In addition, it has a maximum nozzle temperature of 300°C, which is very convenient when printing high-temperature filaments, such as nylon, reinforced nylon, and PC. The filaments melt and heat up much faster with hot-tip silicone socks that prevent heat loss. In addition, the anti-clogging design makes the flow as smooth as possible.

For Professionals – Craftsmen

The Artisan is Snapmakers’ latest generation 3-in-1 3D printer that you can get on Snapmaker’s 2.0 Black Friday. More significant, more powerful, and more accessible than ever, this will be your next office powerhouse. Snapmaker brings industrial-grade transmission technology to desktop production. Micron-level CNC milled steel guide rails are integrated into Artisan linear modules resulting in significant increases in accuracy, rigidity, and durability, giving you a fast, precise, and stable printing experience Read more