Get The Benefits of Emergency Powersports Battery Replacement with the Right Insurance Program

One of the most expensive costs for Powersports vehicles is battery replacement, which can occur at any time without warning or indications. The average lifespan of a battery is about four years; however, most owners forget that their battery has expired or is nearing the expiry date, and this is why when the time for replacement arises, they are caught off-guard.

Powersports battery replacement – Get the financial assistance you need

When it comes to the subject of emergency Powersports battery replacement, it is prudent for you to opt for insurance protection programs that offer you the financial assistance you need when your battery gets drained. You are able to enjoy the benefits of battery replacement for the lifetime of your ownership and get financial protection for this expense which is the most common one you bear when you own a Powersports vehicle.

If you are the owner of a Powersports vehicle, you can buy this insurance during any time of the ownership of the vehicle. In order to purchase the insurance, you should go to any Powersports dealership and speak to the representatives there to understand its terms and conditions. There is no expiration of the insurance term, and the claims that you submit are made in just 20 to 30 minutes. This step is immediately done to ensure that you are not out of time or money when you need to replace the battery immediately.

The dealer also benefits from this battery replacement insurance program

If you are a dealer and can convince your customers to opt for this insurance program, you can boost your goodwill. Customers are happy with the after-sales service you give them and profits also are boosted in your finance department. There is a sales penetration of about 60% for your dealership as you will be selling more batteries thanks to this insurance program.

The Powersports battery replacement also works for you as a customer retention program. It gives you more opportunities to boost sales and enhance customer traffic in the parts and service departments.

Take care of your battery

However, just opting for the program is not enough; you need to make sure that you take care of your battery well so that it does not frequently drain when you are riding the vehicle. You should check the cable-terminal connections and make sure it is not loose. At the same time, when installing add-ons on your vehicles, ensure they do not drain power from your battery.

Though the shop might claim that these add-ons consume zero power, this is not always true, so make sure you check their wiring to install them correctly on your vehicle so that they do not use your battery for power consumption. When it comes to an urgent Powersports battery replacement, you should not worry at all, as thanks to the battery insurance program, you can get the financial assistance you need for life.

In fact, the program helps you to alleviate stress when your battery stops functioning, and you need the money and time to replace it immediately!