Handy Ecommerce Packaging Tips To Deliver Products Securely

The success of every eCommerce business relies on several factors such as shipping services, packaging, multi-channel marketing, store accessibility, SEO strategy, flexibility in payment modes, brand management, and the list goes on. Every factor plays an individual role in making a brand reputation in the fiercely competitive marketplace. Among all the elements, eCommerce packaging can not be overlooked as it decides the fate of the first impression of your business among first-time buyers.

Customers appreciate the eCommerce brands which offer sustainable, customised, and quality packaging to them. For instance, Myntra went eco-friendly back in 2021 by opting for 100% plastic-free sustainable packaging, by clinging to its policies outlined in 2019, and the popularity of the brand is visible among its loyal customer base.

As eCommerce packaging plays a significant role in helping a brand stand-out among others, it is important to know some of the basic handy eCommerce packaging tips, the importance of safe packaging and other elements of packaging. If you are starting fresh in an eCommerce business, this blog is going to help you in a great way.   

Significance of eCommerce Packaging

Just imagine a scenario where you have recently launched your online crockery business and luckily got 100+ orders in the first month. You are overwhelmed by such a response and planning to compromise a little on the packaging because of the tiresome process involved in printing, labelling and packaging and the shortage of manpower. You decide to go with regular bubble wrap and cardboard boxes with a cheap adhesive to warp your product. 

What worst could happen now? The fragile crockery item from your store reached your first-time customer’s doorstep in damaged condition! That’s exactly where you lose your first-time buyer and the frustration that would follow after this incident can not be tackled with just a simple cashback after order return.

eCommerce packaging not only ensures that your product looks good from the outside but also ensures that the material inside the package remains safe and intact from any possible physical damage, likely to be caused during the eCommerce logistics process. 

Some Basic Handy Packaging Tips For You 

  1. Using the right packaging box for shipping

The first and foremost thing that must be ensured is the quality of packaging boxes which will be used for shipping the goods. It is always preferable to use corrugated boxes instead of regular cardboard boxes for packing your products. Corrugated boxes are not only more resilient but also environment-friendly.

  1. Use bubble wrap for packing fragile material 

For the safety of the fragile material during an extended process of shipping, use bubble wrap, foam, or raffia for wrapping the items individually. Make sure that the items don’t move in the packaging boxes and remain intact, in order to avoid any possible physical damage due to sudden jerks. 

  1. Use superior-quality adhesive tapes

To secure all the possible opening points in the packaging boxes, use good quality tapes and adhesives to avoid any accidental opening during the eCommerce logistics process. 

  1. Run a thorough inspection of the shipping labels and information on boxes

Use a clear, comprehensive, correct name and address, preferably in printed form, to avoid shipping delays so that the product gets delivered on time. Include the correct label and return address, as well. Any previous labels or information should be covered or removed if you are recycling the product.

Some Important Elements of Ideal eCommerce Packaging 

  1. Sturdiness

eCommerce packaging should be as functional as it is attractive. Damages are reduced by carefully selecting void fill and other packaging materials that safeguard items in transit.   The cost of processing a return can also involve a number of costs, such as product replacement, warehouse labour, and shipment, in addition to the longer-term impact of losing customers.

  1. Right size and shape of the package

eCommerce packaging should be both appealing and useful. By carefully choosing void fill and other packaging materials that protect objects in transportation, damages are avoided. Along with the longer-term effects of losing customers, processing returns can also result in expenses for things like product replacement, warehousing labour, and shipping.

  1. Customised Packaging

Your brand’s first impression is created by your packaging. To ensure a seamless customer experience throughout the omnichannel environment, the materials, colour scheme, and overall feel of the packaging that customers get after making an online purchase should all be consistent with the rest of your brand portfolio.

  1. Personalization

Establishing trust and loyalty with customers involves showing your appreciation for them and your interest in learning about who they are and what they desire. It also sets your brand apart from the competition. Personalising a thank-you note from the company can be as easy and affordable as possible to close the deal.    


eCommerce packaging plays a vital role in the process of building your brand reputation and setting your standard of services among your first-time buyers in the eCommerce business. Therefore, choosing a reliable eCommerce shipping partner is a necessity for boosting your profit margins. 

NimbusPost is one such reliable eCommerce logistics aggregator which collaborates with 27+ leading courier partners in India which provide highly professional and customised packaging services to e-tailers, covering about 29,000+ pin codes. If you have just started an eCommerce business, NimbusPost is an affordable choice for you. 

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