Here’s what you need to know about heavy dueling lightsabers

This week, we will discuss what makes a lightsaber even worthy of being called a “dueling lightsaber”. Despite getting a lot of publicity, too many cheap lightsabers are mislabelled as combat lightsabers, causing a lot of ill will in the saber community. New saber enthusiasts feel victimized and disappointed by this.

There are a few lightsaber companies that make false claims about their supposedly heavy dueling lightsabers, and there are others who are just outright lying to us. As the topic today does not cover lightsaber review companies or companies, if you would like more information on where to buy lightsabers, you can check out xenopixel vs neopixel here . 

With an extensive list of over 200 lightsaber companies, he does a great job sorting out the good from the bad. As we earn our place in the community, Saber DuelTM hopes to one day be included on that list. Quality custom lightsabers and excellent customer service have earned this award.

A lightsaber is not created equal in the first place. Just because you can smash trees with a lightsaber hilt doesn’t mean they’re better than others! Lightsabers are available in a variety of unique designs that are not intended for heavy dueling. Instead, they serve as nostalgic mantel displays that can only be used for light dueling. 

In most cases, these lightsaber hilts are replicas designed to look exactly like those seen in movies, video games, and TV shows. These types of details will be disclosed by reputable lightsaber manufacturers and they will not make false claims about their durability. To help make your buying choice more tailored to your specific needs, we was founded on this very idea.

Guidelines For Purchasing Heavy Dueling Lightsabers

1. There are usually more than one or two retention screws required on dueling lightsabers, especially heavy dueling lightsabers! The hilt of a lightsaber should not be purchased because it looks cool, and because it only has one or two retention screws at the tip of the blade emitter. Do not buy a lightsaber for its looks. 


It is rare that lightsabers are adequate for “heavy dueling” just because they claim they are. Every time a hard hit is delivered, the blade will be jarred loose. Your blade will need to be replaced after two to three rotations and retightenings. The cost becomes prohibitive if it is a neopixel lightsaber blade!

In the saber emitter at the top of the lightsaber hilt, two retention screws lined up vertically, two inches apart, this is a rule breaker. Lightsaber blades need solid reinforcement (particularly neopixel lightsaber blades, which are much heavier) so this requires around two inches of separation between the retention screws.

If a lightsaber blade is hit with “full swinging force”, there are three to four retention screws required to keep it in place. Several retention screws can be found on some of our heavy dueling lightsabers, which are necessary for serious combat. 

After training sessions, you should still tighten them, but if properly tightened beforehand, you won’t have loose, wobbly blades during dueling sessions.

We do offer a Saber DuelTM guarantee for all lightsaber blades for a period of time (see our guarantee link at the bottom of our website), but it is always best to start with custom dueling lightsabers designed specifically for heavy dueling. The Saber DuelTM shop does not offer “drop shipping”! The holes are drilled. To ensure precision alignment, we sand parts.

All lightsaber hilts leave our workshop after undergoing quality testing for sound, light, and durability. You should make sure that any lightsaber company you are interested in buying from can make that claim as well.

2. From the standpoint of Saber DuelTM, which is basically two people swinging at each other as hard as they can, heavy dueling lightsabers need to be exceptionally durable. The factory-made replicas of lightsabers are generally not designed for this type of fighting, no matter what statements are made. There are only one or two retention screws holding the blade in replica hilts, and they are often very uncomfortable to wear. It is not uncommon for the blade to only be held in place by one screw.


Even with our custom drilled holes, we cannot recommend Saber DuelTM replicas for heavy dueling despite our efforts to improve and reinforce their combat efficiency. The ultimate question is whether you’re comfortable with your lightsaber, regardless of how it’s customized.

3. If you plan on purchasing a dueling lightsaber with sound for the purpose of lightsaber fighting, you should make sure that it is extremely comfortable! A neopixel dueling lightsaber with an uncomfortable hilt will wreck your hands completely after ten minutes of spinning, twirling, and swinging. You will lose control of custom lightsabers that are too smooth and your fingers will be cut to shreds by ultra-sharp hilts. It is important to maintain balance. Find the right lightsaber for your needs by reading our Saber DuelTM descriptions carefully. In terms of comfort versus aesthetics, there is always a trade-off, and we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort balancing the two.

RGB and Neopixel lightsabers

4. Among heavy dueling lightsabers, there has been much debate over RGB and Neopixel lightsabers. Each year technology changes just a little, so the answer changes a little. Yes, if you want to engage in heavy dueling, an RGB lightsaber is the best choice since the blades of the lightsaber are hollow and cannot be damaged. The blades on neopixel lightsabers are now 3mm thick and can withstand a great deal of abuse.

With our Saber DuelTM guarantee, you’ll be covered for a whole year if something goes wrong, and things do go wrong during heavy dueling. This is understandable. Luckily, there is a device that combines the best of both worlds.

The RGB/NEOCREE Module lets you use a hollow RGB lightsaber blade with your neopixel lightsaber hilt. That’s brilliant! Neopixel lightsaber hilts with hollow blades can now be used with all soundfonts, and you can “smash” your heart out without worrying about damaging your neopixel blade.

Best Heavy Dueling Lightsabers

To summarize, the best dueling lightsabers for sale are always comfortable, have the right number and placement of retention screws, have high-quality blades, and have a quality soundboard. The Saber DuelTM Death Knight is one of our personal favorites. 

Our favorite features include the three retention screws inside the hilt, the Golden Harvest V3 Phase 4 soundboard, and the fact that it is very comfortable to wield.

We design all of our custom lightsabers here at Saber DuelTM specifically for heavy dueling, with the exception of our Saber DuelTM Galaxy Saga Collection.

 A variety of options are available, including RGBx, Xenopixel, Golden Harvest, and Proffie. Generally speaking, we modify our replica lightsabers so that they can be used for moderate to heavy dueling, although heavy dueling lightsabers can also be achieved through modifications. 

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.