Hobbies That Should Be Brought Back in Today’s Generation

With the internet in the palms of our hands, much of the hobbies and stuff that we were pursuing have suddenly become lost and forgotten, coupled with the isolation of the pandemic we have long since forgotten about some hobbies that could have pursued. Here are some of the hobbies that are slowly fading that should be brought back in today’s generation.

Card Collecting

Card collecting has been one of those hobbies that have fascinated young people before, these collectible cards range from basketball to Pokémon, to all sorts of categories. Many of these cards before were sold in trading card stores or bought through other means.

But with the turn of the century and the digitalization of almost everything, card collecting has almost been forgotten. The great thing about card collecting is that it teaches youngsters to value the art of trading and the cards that are in their decks. It should be one of those hobbies that should be brought back.  


One of those hobbies that have been depreciated into a school activity is crafting. One of the great things about crafting is that it uses the imagination and creativity of the individual to think of something to make and do and use the materials that are readily available to realize that plan.

Crafting has seen better days, but now it has lost its meaning and value because instead of doing it for fun, children are forced into making one for the sake of making grades. Crafting trains the individual not just to be creative but to be innovative as well, in which such virtue has also been slowly fading from our hearts and mind.

Image Source: Pexels


Fishing is fun and it teaches us the value of patience and hard-earned yield. Today many of us haven’t had the experience of fishing because it is not available in our current setting and state of the world. Rivers are now very polluted that only a few fish are surviving and that city laws now prohibit such activity without prior permission. Sadly, it is one of the best and most worthwhile hobbies that a child can immerse themselves in but simply cannot.

Woodwork and Carpentry

As much of our stuff, today is automatically made or is already formed and some are made of plastic, many young people do not have the skills in woodwork and carpentry. A hobby such be brought back not just in schools but also in households because it teaches children the value of creating and making things for themselves not just to be sold but things that they can actually use in their daily living. Carpentry lets the person imagine and think of a need and then plan to make a tool that could meet that need and just create it through sheer hard work and determination.

Hobbies are not only things and activities that we find fun and worth our time doing, but these are actually some of the most beautiful parts of being alive and that is having the ability and capacity to pursue something just because we believe that such activity is beautiful and in turn create in us a better person as we pursue it.