How a Property Investment Can Help You Enjoy Sharjah Lifestyle

If you examine the population influx pattern for the last few years in the UAE, you will find Sharjah among the top favorite destinations.

The rising popularity of Sharjah as one of the most preferred residential destinations in the UAE is not without valid reasons.

Living in Sharjah means getting the opportunity to enjoy the traditional and family-oriented culture of the emirate.

Interestingly, there is an opposite trend between Dubai and Sharjah. While Dubai’s culture is highly modern and cosmopolitan, Sharjah’s culture is traditional and conservative.

If you prefer going to bars and nightclubs, Sharjah is not the right place for you. Unfortunately, there are no bars and nightclubs in Sharjah.

Given this fact, many people residing in Dubai prefer to move to Sharjah. The lifestyle in Sharjah is a bit different from Dubai. People in Sharjah are more reserved, and the entire culture is family-centric.

Sharjah is not the place of choice for alcohol lovers as that has been banned in the emirate since 1985.

But there are more than enough recreational activities for you and your family in the emirate.

If you make a list of recreational activities in Sharjah, it will include the following:

  • Visiting heritage sites
  • Exploring historical places
  • Visiting fun family fairs
  •  Enjoying Sharjah Chronicle
  • Visiting Al Qashba

Again, you should change your dressing style if you are accustomed to wearing dresses exposing your body.

While such dresses are acceptable in Dubai, costumes are not allowed in Sharjah.

While you are in Sharjah, you must dress modestly.

There is also a bit of concern for professionals living in Sharjah and working in Dubai. Such professionals will find heavy traffic on the way, especially during peak hours.

If you do not have a car and commute by public transportation, you must not expect the ease of traveling by the Dubai metro.

In Sharjah, there is no extensive public transportation. But, there is a well-developed taxi system. So, that will facilitate your public transportation needs in Sharjah.

On the shopping front, you will not have to sacrifice any of your Dubai shopping experience while staying in Sharjah, where there are plenty of shopping facilities, such as retails and malls.

In addition, you will find departmental stores and large showrooms in Sharjah.

Notably, you will find traditional markets, called souks, where you can find almost everything from fruits to ornaments made of precious metals.

At the same time, you will have an outstanding shopping experience. Therefore, when it comes to accommodation concerns, Sharjah can pose a smooth affair. Moreover, there is more to the convenience of accommodation in Sharjah.

Lower property ownership and rental costs in Sharjah can allow you to save money from your income even if your employer does not pay for your accommodation.

Compared to Dubai, accommodation costs in Sharjah are much more affordable.

Considering the available property types in Sharjah, you will find excellent apartments—from studios to 4-bed flats.

Again, you can consider investing in a spacious villa for sale in Sharjahif you have a large family.

Given the current trends, the sale prices of villas range from around AED 225000 to AED 22, 499, 000, depending on the villa size and locality. 


Normally, people find it somewhat difficult to adapt to a new place after relocating. But you can put all such worries to rest if you relocate to Sharjah.

Sharjah’s warm and family-friendly environment allows you to adapt effortlessly to the emirate.

Again, you will find no hassles in finding accommodation in Sharjah, given the ample availability and affordability. 

Again, investing in a villa can be a wise decision if you want to lead an affluent life in the emirate.