How a Tubular Cam Lock Works and What It’s Used For

The name Tubular Cam Lock can be somewhat confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with what it means or how it works. This type of cam lock is found in any number of door hardware products, though its appearance may vary slightly depending on the particular application you are using it for. The general design remains the same, however, and understanding that design will allow you to use this product safely and effectively in any number of situations.

The Basics

A tubular cam lock is an interesting piece of hardware that, with some tinkering, can be adapted to hold a variety of objects in place. They work in much the same way as cinch buckles, which are used to secure things like backpacks and sleeping bags to minimize any chance of slippage. While Tubular Cam Lock are traditionally installed with bolts on opposing edges, they can also be installed without the use of tools, as long as two holes for the bolts are drilled first. In this case the bolt goes through the object being secured at its top edge and then connects to one side of the cam lock. The other end of the bolt goes through a hole drilled in the bottom edge of the object being secured and enters into another side of the cam lock. If you would like to install it without using tools, you need to drill two 3/8-inch diameter holes 1 inch deep from each other so that when you’re finished, both sides of the cam lock will line up with these holes. The length between them should measure 2 inches minus whatever thickness your material has (so if your material is 3/4 inch thick, this measurement should be 1 1/2 inches).

The Benefits

*Since the key has to move to the opposite direction, it is considered self-locking. This means that once it moves past a certain point, it will not be able to go back. This is good for things like holding items together or doors that need a bolt in the other side.*This type of lock was originally developed as a way for hospitals to keep patients from leaving rooms but can also be used for securing all sorts of other things including machines.*Having this type of lock on your door or room can help reduce break-ins because locksmiths will find it difficult or impossible to use conventional methods like picking or drilling.

*Another benefit of this kind of lock is how easy they are to install.

Advantages of the Tubular Cam over Other Locks

The tubular cam lock is different from the lever tumbler lock because it allows for more individualized key making. This means that it is possible to replace one single part of the key without having to replace the entire thing. The amount of space needed is smaller than in the lever tumbler lock, which makes this particular locking mechanism ideal for use in small spaces where other locks might not fit. This gives you added flexibility when placing your door locks, giving you some freedom to optimize for your needs without being limited by space constraints. The disadvantage of the tubular cam lock is that its simple design can be susceptible to picking. There are also more parts involved with a Tubular Cam Lock versus a simple lever tumbler, which could make things easier for someone who wants to break into your home.

Applications of the Tubular Cam Lock

The cam lock is an adjustable fastener, which typically attaches two sheets of metal or other materials together. This device is often used in areas that may need frequent adjustments for assembly and disassembly purposes. One example of this use is a car door. When the vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired, the door can easily be taken off without worrying about having to fumble with many different types of screws to get it open. Once the work is done, you can simply tighten the cam lock back up and you are ready to go again! A Tubular Cam Lock is usually made from strong steel with a finish such as nickel plating, chrome plating, or zinc plating. Inside, there are several teeth that protrude outward and surround a center opening. To secure the teeth inside the opening (making them unavailable), rotate the key counterclockwise until you feel resistance. Next, turn clockwise one tooth at a time until there is no more resistance. Now, turn counterclockwise one tooth at a time until you feel resistance once again. Finally, unscrew by turning clockwise one tooth at a time until no more teeth remain outside of the opening and then remove key.

What You Need to Know About Tubular Cam Locks

When it comes to storing all your valuable tools, you want to make sure that the place you store them is as secure as possible. You’ll need to find something that can securely lock everything up tight so no one will get in but you. A tubular cam lock does just that! It prevents anyone who might want to steal your things from getting in there because they don’t have the right tool for it. They also make storage spaces more organized by providing individual locks for each compartment. Tubular Cam Lock are great for shop owners or any DIY-er with a lot of tools. If you’re not the only person in your family or home with access to these tools, this type of lock is perfect for keeping everyone out except for you. If someone needs to borrow a certain tool, then they know how to get into the locked area when necessary. These locks are easy to install as well, so if you’ve been looking for an affordable way to secure your belongings without drilling holes into walls then this could be the answer!

Ordering & Shipping Information

The way this system works is, when the bolt is pulled back, it’s disconnected from the hole that the Tubular Cam Lock was inserted into. That, in turn, releases the collar on top of the shaft. The top of the shaft then pushes on a small part called an arbor which is connected to a rotating camming bar. This causes for rotation inside of the cam lock – one revolution for every pullback. Each time there is movement, there are two openings that can allow for some air to escape through: one in between each frame member. If you’re worried about the possibility of your pet getting out, or if you have kids who might get out by themselves and be in danger if they come across the door while it’s open, these locks offer peace of mind.