How Animation in Content Marketing Can Benefit B2B Companies

If you look at the current situation, the B2B sector is developing with technology. Particularly when it comes to the usage of animation, novel strategies are gaining traction.

Several marketers are already lauding the advantages of B2B animation. The capacity of animated videos, in particular, to successfully grab the viewer’s attention is what makes them so powerful. Additionally, they are renowned for their adaptability, making it simple to utilize them in any tone, whether it be serious, lighthearted, or emotional. This is also why video animation services are also gaining immense popularity.

Now for the most crucial query: why are B2B companies adopting animation in their content marketing strategies more frequently?

This is why:

One of the hottest trends in visual material right now is animation. We can all agree on one thing, though: People today truly adore and delight in viewing pictures and videos.

According to the most recent statistics, 40.8% of marketers already post visual content two to five times each week.

The final word? Your potential customers will remember animation for a very long time. The best thing about it is that it transforms content into something engaging and interactive in a way that helps you build trust with your audience.

Significance Of Animation

The following statistics highlight the significance of animation:

Compared to eBooks, infographics, presentations, and articles, 68% of consumers said they prefer watching videos to learn about new services or goods.

Animated explainer videos are a popular kind of animation among B2B businesses. These are quick videos that quickly and creatively introduce a service or product. These animated animations make it much simpler to demonstrate new services and explain challenging business concepts.

Do you need additional evidence? Continue reading to learn more about the value of including animation in your content marketing plan.

What Exactly Is Animation?

Let’s try to understand what animation is before talking about the benefits of digital animation. The process of manipulating figures to create moving visuals is known as animation.

The following are some notable advantages of animation:

  • In animation, you may visually convey a lot of information.
  • With the help of an animation, you may quickly convey concepts without the use of extraneous words or images.
  • Animation in videos can help you hear what’s important. It aids in setting your content apart from competing ones.
  • Videos that are animated improve your visual content.

Advantages Of Employing Animation In B2B Content Marketing

You should take into account using animation in your B2B content marketing because:

  • An individual’s attention is captured and held via animation.
  • Your potential consumers can be educated and entertained by a well-made animation. It aids kids in thoroughly comprehending difficult concepts. 
  • In addition, animation allows you more control over your brand and image than a live video does. Your animated videos can even use colors, words, and images that match your brand.
  • Overall, animation enables you to experiment in ways that other types of content might not.

Animation Styles That Work Well For Content Marketing

You may want to implement some of the following popular animation types:

2D Animation

Today, 2D animation is the style of video animation that is most frequently used in content marketing. It not only costs little money, but it also produces excellent outcomes. To achieve your goals, you must understand when to employ 2D animation successfully.

For instance, 2D animation is the way to go if you want to describe a product, process, or idea. Additionally, don’t use 2D animated videos as your demo. This is due to the emotional rather than the practical level at which 2D animation engages your audience.

3D Animation

A more complex form of animation to use in content marketing is 3D animation. It enables companies to produce dynamic, intensely interactive videos with believable characters and backdrops. Videos using 3D graphics animation are a great way to convey a strong message that could be difficult to describe without the use of conceptual animation.

Due to its propensity to capture attention, 3D animation can provide your marketing initiatives with a much-needed push. If you want to tell the story of your brand, this style of animation can help.

The best aspect of 3D animation is also how quickly it can be produced. All you need to do is keep your concept prepared and use software to create animated pictures from it.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics should be used if you want to make a video with plenty of text floating around and few images. Characters are less prominent in motion graphics than sentences and shapes.

Animated Explainer Videos

If your business sells top-notch goods, but you are struggling to convince your audience of them, think about using explainer animation movies. As previously noted, these videos are fantastic for totally engaging your audience while informing them about your goods.

Explainer animated videos can leave a lasting impression by engaging your audience’s humor and emotions in under a minute. The outcome? Due to your ability to articulate what sets you apart from your competition, you can increase sales.

GIF Animations

Animated GIFs are visual pieces of content that use arresting visuals to draw in potential buyers right away. These GIFs, as opposed to a still image, assist in creating a dynamic tale in a time when attention spans are getting shorter.

Important Considerations When Using Animation

Lastly, if you choose to use animation in your B2B content marketing plan, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Keep it concise: Your viewers might not have the patience to watch lengthy films. Make sure the animated film is just long enough to pique viewers’ interest in your goods or service. A duration of under two minutes is what we advise.
  • Include a CTA: Make sure your movie contains a CTA. After watching the film, it should encourage the viewer to take action.
  • Show the benefits to your customers in the animated video: The customer should learn what you and your product can accomplish for them.
  • Be persuasive at all times: Corporate clients have high standards for both attention to detail and animation quality. To encourage your persona to behave, make sure you pay attention to every tiny detail.

Our best recommendation is to collaborate with a professional studio to avail of video animation services.


It’s common for content marketing to change from time to time. It appears to be shifting toward visual communication for the time being. Consequently, consider utilizing animation while developing your content marketing approach. 

The future? Your B2B Company can benefit from animation, which will increase sales in a much-needed way.