How Can You Make the Best Run through Breakaway Banners?

While celebrating the win of your favorite team, nothing will be more effective than the run-through breakaway banners to showcase your love in a moment of victory. This is why you will notice that run-through breakaway banners are being use all over the world. 

Whether you want to use the breakaway banners to boost the motivation of your team while entering the ground or for other purposes, you need to ensure that you’re going with the best option. 

However, sometimes you cannot find the perfect breakaway banner on the internet. In such cases, you need to make a breakaway banner on your own. Continue reading the article to know how you can make the best breakaway banners. 

A Paper Breakaway Banner

Paper is one of the most common material choices you need to consider while making a breakaway banner. This is because, unlike the vinyl breakaway banners that might last a long time, paper breakaway banners are great for one-time use. These banners are also super customizable, which will allow you to showcase uniqueness and creativity. 

You can print or draw a great paper breakaway banner very easily without paying a large amount of money. All you need to do is collect wooden poles and then wrap paper with superglue or staple it to the rods properly. 

Make sure you don’t forget to create multiple small holes in the paper breakaway banner. This way when players run through, they won’t get stuck accidentally. But keep in mind that these breakaway banners cannot be use more than once. Therefore, if you’re searching for best run through signs for footballmake sure you visit our website and breakaway banners made of PVC flex as you can use them as many times as you want. 

A Cloth Breakaway Banner

Unlike some other alternatives, the cloth breakaway banners also break more accurately. When you choose cloth as the material for breakaway banners, you won’t be disappoint. Even though they aren’t as cost-effective as the PVC flex breakaway banners, they are still great. 

You can use different types of clothes to make one breakaway banner. However, you can need to ensure that the print such as the logo of the football team is legible after being put together. Otherwise, your effort will go in vain. 

You can attach different types of clothes with small safety pins so that they can be torn easily when players run through them. 

A PVC Breakaway Banner 

If you’re planning to use breakaway banners on multiple occasions without causing any harm to the running players, you should choose the PVC breakaway banners. As per Mat Match, PVC is a thermoplastic material. But do you know why PVC breakaway banners are so popular? This is because these banners are capable of making the entrance of the players more dramatic and victorious. However, while making the PVC breakaway banners, make sure you leave a wide space from one side of the banner so that players face no problem while running through. 


This is how you can make the best breakaway banners. These banners are undoubtedly effective at boosting the confidence of the team. Make sure you visit our website to purchase a long-lasting breakaway banner.