How Much Does it Cost to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business in Copenhagen?

Commercial cleaning is a booming industry in Copenhagen, and there are plenty of reasons why. From tight cityscapes to high turnover rates and constant renovation, businesses in Copenhagen need regular cleaning. If you’re thinking of starting a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen, don’t worry—you won’t have to break the bank. In this blog post, we’ll outline the cost of starting a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen and discuss some key tips for succeeding in this market.

What equipment is necessary for a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen?

Commercial cleaning businesses in Copenhagen ( erhvervsrengøring København ) require a number of equipment and supplies, including a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, and duster. In addition, a business needs to have access to a truck or van for transporting supplies and equipment around the city. A business should also factor in the cost of liability insurance, as well as taxes and other associated costs.

How to market a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen?

Commercial cleaning is one of the fastest-growing industries in Denmark, and there is a great opportunity for businesses to get started in this field. The cost of starting a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen depends on a number of factors, including the size and scope of the operation.

According to the Danish Cleaning Association, it costs around $10,000 to start a small commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen. For businesses with more than five employees, however, starting costs can reach as high as $25,000. Additionally, landlords may require that businesses invest in equipment and supplies before they begin operations.

To get started in commercial cleaning in Copenhagen, it is important to have a clear vision for the business and an understanding of what clients want. In addition, it is important to build relationships with key clients early on so that they know you are reliable and committed to providing top-quality service. Finally, be sure to stay up-to-date with industry trends so that you can keep your business competitive.

How to price your services in Copenhagen?

When starting a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen, it is important to understand the cost of services and how to price your services accordingly. In order to create a pricing template that reflects your business’ specific needs, you will need to gather information about your competition. This includes understanding their prices, service areas, and hiring procedures.

Once you have gathered this information, you can use it to create an initial pricing template that covers the following areas:

– Services offered

– Pricing structure

– Minimum/maximum price

Once you have finalized your pricing template, be sure to implement it into your marketing materials and pricing structures. Be aware that setting a high price point can deter potential customers; instead focus on providing exceptional value for your clients.


Cleaning has always been seen as an essential service that needs to be undertaken by businesses. However, with the rise of online shopping and the increased number of people who work from home, there is a greater demand for commercial cleaning services than ever before. If you are looking to start a commercial cleaning business in Copenhagen, here are some key costs you will need to factor in: -Monthly rent for a clean space -Professional liability insurance -Business equipment (vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, brooms) -Employees ( cleaners, supervisors)