How the Shipping Cost of a Car is Determined?

When it comes to determining the shipping cost of a car, it is crucial to understand that many factors drastically affect pricing. For instance, it can be a lot cheaper to ship a car within a country. However, when you have to ship the same car overseas, the cost can go very high considering the labor and other costs associated with it. 

You might be expecting by now that distance is the primary indicator of the cost. However, this is not always true. Thus, to get a clear idea about the cost, you can consult famous auto shipping companies like A1 Auto Transport. Some people even choose to use A1 car transport cost mobile application to know the quote. Upon inserting the necessary details in the app, you can get a clear idea of how much shipping your car is going to cost. The app is free to use and provides estimates much faster. 

Shipping method

Even though the method you opt for is a secondary factor in determining the cost of shipping, it does play a role. For instance, you can either choose to deliver your car door-to-door or pick it up from the designated delivery spot of the shipping company. Getting a delivery right to your doorstep will cost you more, compared to getting it delivered at a shipping terminal. 

Next, choosing between open and closed transport vehicles will also make an impact on the entire shipping cost. Usually, most people prefer transporting their vehicle via open transport since it is very cheap compared to closed transport. Also, you don’t even need a closed transport unless you are transporting some antique cars, classic cars, exotic cars, customized cars, or any sort of luxury cars. 

Transporting your vehicle via enclosed transport might cost you about $420 more per trip compared to open transport. 

Other factors that affect the cost of shipping a car

Size and dimensions of the vehicle

The size, weight, and overall dimension of a car can affect its shipping cost. For instance, if the car is very broad, there are good chances it won’t fit in the shipping container, and thereby other means will have to be used to transport it. Similarly, if the car is very heavy in weight, it will need a special transport vehicle to move it. The basic thumb rule is the bigger and heavier it is, the more the transportation cost. 

Distance of shipping

Even though the per-mile rate of shipping a car is cheaper if the distance is longer, this does not apply in every case. For instance, if you choose to ship a car internationally, the distance will be very long, and thus the cost will go up. 


If you are transporting a car within the country, you need not deal with customs and other formalities. However, if you are shipping a car internationally, be prepared to spend for taxes and duties. These taxes and duties eventually get added to your shipping cost and thereby increase the shipping cost exponentially. 

Lastly, keep in mind that car shipping costs change from one day to another. There are many factors that cause this fluctuation. So, don’t expect to get the same quote week after week.