A matchmaker does not require any type of degree in a specific area; it is an ideal career for someone who is a people person. Matchmakers tend to be quite the social butterflies, often attending parties and networking events to find new matches, even flying across the country to meet highly profiled, rich clients who can’t come to them. 


Every matchmaker has their own style, personality, methods, perspective, and intuition. Intuition plays a big role in matchmaking; a matchmaker is good at reading people and loves listening to their stories. If you have an outgoing and social nature then you must have a large circle of friends. They are very passionate about their work and they have a good sense of humor and get acquainted with people easily. 

Qualities of a good matchmaker

You don’t have to be a professional to be a matchmaker; you can test your ability to become a matchmaker by setting up friends with other friends to build relationships. If you have flexibility, creativity, passion, and insight into other people then this is a perfect job for you. This job allows you to use your social skills and give you lasting satisfaction. Matchmaking is a growing business where money is waiting to be made. If you have a keen eye for people’s behavior and interests, if you love spending your time chatting about dating and you truly want to pair people up with the love of their life then matchmaking could be a great job for you. Here’s how you can become a matchmaker and what you will need to do for that.

  1. Become a social butterfly first: To become a matchmaker, you must have a big circle of friends, family members, online connections, mentors, coworkers, and acquaintances. If you are surrounded by so many people then you must know them well enough that they can share their personal lives with you. You need to be a person who enjoys talking to people about themselves and wants to see others living their life happily. They should be good at networking skills and naturally warm, friendly, charming, talkative, and comfortable with different types of people. Matchmakers often take help from their friends and family to get to know and understand their clients well enough to start their search.
  1. Start matching your friends and family members: Before going to establish your own business in matchmaking just work on casually introducing friends to friends that you think might make a good couple. Go out with a group of friends and just don’t put pressure on them to go on a romantic date right away. You will learn how to approach others for dating and you will have a better idea of personal compatibility. You will get a sense of how different people take relationships and what they want. 

Matchmaking is a tough job where you have to listen to each and every silly talk of your client, if you can’t hear people all day then this job is not for you. While setting up your friends and family you will realize if you really want to become a matchmaker. Matching your friends and family will become a useful resource in the future for networking and they will raise your reputation in front of your professional clients. You will also have some stories to tell your clients about your previous works and how you handle different situations.

  1. Be ready to play a therapist: Being a matchmaker means you have to find matches for your clients but you also have to listen to your client’s wants and needs and issues related to their past relationships, commitment, and confidence in meeting new people. Some of your clients feel that they are not worthy of love so your job is to convince them that they are also worthy of love. 

When you are choosing a match for your client you must know about their past relationships and the reason they are not together now. You have to understand them and help them to avoid the same mistake again which they made in their previous relationship. Sometimes people find the best person but they don’t know if they will lead a happy life or not, these people need a psychologist or a therapist. Matchmakers use various techniques and psychological aspects to check and understand what their clients actually want in their match and their personal thoughts. Matchmakers guide their clients to change their perspectives and become more flexible and open to exploring and meeting people.


  1. Manage your client’s profile: As a matchmaker, you need to manage every information of your client like their names, contact details, hobbies, favorite food, etc, and some personal questions to get their personality. So you must have a folder ready for each client whenever you need it. Make sure every client fills out all the necessary paperwork including the contract with you telling how this process of matchmaking is going to work.
  1. Come up with a business plan: You need a business plan to start your own matchmaking agency. You need to identify your company’s needs and marketing ideas to promote your business and good work space and collect investors for your business. You also have to take care of licensure, insurance, and all the legalities to start a business. You might have to hire an accountant or a legal advisor to help you get going in this process. It’s not all about renting a place and getting someone to pay your bills, you must make sure that your business is legal in all aspects. You also have to build a website for your worldwide clients so you can focus on those clients online. Think about the rates, at the start you have to keep your rates very reasonable to build your network and grow the number of clients. It will depend on the services you offer and what kind of people you are dealing with.
  1. Marketing: Marketing is an important factor in your business, to build your client base you’ll need to buy ad space on Google, optimize your SEO, offer discounts and work on partnerships. Get your business on Twitter and Facebook, make events, attend events, make a business card and give them to your friends. To find your target audience, you will need to network in the right places. Singles’ events are best to look for clients and it is best if you are single yourself, then you could work your way around with charm. 

Matchmaking is a growing field and many professionals are taking advantage of their expertise. The first step is to start small and get on track. Start with your friends and family and see if you have what it takes to be a good matchmaker which will also help you build up a network of potential clients. As words spread out that you are good at matchmaking and provide great services to your clients, you’ll start to get more and more requests for your services.