How To Build A Career In Fashion Business?

Fashion Business:

Fashion Industry is beyond designers and models and comprises of people who creates and maintains brand awareness, handle businesses and ensure walk-ins using diverse media platforms. They are accountable for revenue through marketing and sales. Fashion Business Management entails research and analysis of consumer tastes & preferences, their demographic and psychographic profiling along with consumer’s capability to pay, ensuing fashion trends, prevailing economic situations and evolving market conditions etc. and accordingly develops innovative strategy for product, pricing and marketing. Basis the research and analysis only, they must also possess the capability to predict the success and popularity of the fashion line. Additionally Fashion Business managers are also responsible for retailing, merchandising, sourcing as well as exporting of the products.

Work Description

  • Coming up with branding, brand positioning, segmentation and distribution strategy for the client and/or organization 
  • Using sales and marketing techniques to enhance the sales of fashion products 
  • Finalizing of media strategy to reach the target audience in order to enhance the brand awareness  
  • In order to maximize the company’s market share and its profits, developing an apt pricing strategy
  • Product iteration, development of apt new product as well as changes in the marketing strategy basis the consumer as well as retail channel’s response. 
  • Collaborating with teams from varied departments like designers, merchandisers, buyers, retailers and manufacturers
  • Coordinating with other stakeholders. 
  • In order to stay relevant, he needs to stay up to date with latest fashion styling and trends

Fashion Business course:

The aim of the fashion business program is to build up talent in disciplines like merchandising, marketing and retailing that is in line with fulfilling the needs of the Fashion industry-export and retail businesses. While identifying the ideal college, students must ensure that college offers the following:

  • Students must be equipped with comprehensive knowledge about retail business, sourcing, merchandising, forecasting, international business practices, global marketing etc. 
  • College who pioneered in identifying this niche area of Fashion & Lifestyle business management. Not only this, it was even the first college in India to offer this course as a specialization to students.
  • College must be AICTE approved and its certification must be recognised at both domestic & International level
  • The college must enhance leadership and managing capabilities especially the curriculum must be customized to meet the requirements of exports, retail, marketing as well as merchandizing
  • College must ensure relevant exposure through field visits, workshops by Industry experts and leaders, internships along with exchange programs. Additionally students will also gain perspective about Fashion Ecosystem and global lifestyle, fashion and luxury business.    
  • Practical learning must complement the classroom learning via internships, participation in live projects and competitions. This will also ensure an exciting work portfolio that will act as an introduction of the candidate to corporate at the time of placements.
  • The college must ensure comprehensive placement program  
  • College must have state of the art studios so as to offer relevant competencies by way of updated technical skills, knowledge about research methodologies and analysis to gauge market trends, study of customer behaviour etc. This will further ensure that student gets endowed with an understanding about developed and emerging Fashion, Lifestyle & Luxury markets. 
  • Curriculum must be industry-centric. Along with this, experiential learning through live industry projects will offer 

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