How to Change Screen Timeout on macOS Big Sur & Monterey

Similar to iPhone, Android, and Windows, Mac’s display turns off routinely after a positive amount of time. The default screen timeout on a MacBook is 2 mins on battery and 10 minutes to get more information about whilst related to power.

Note that display timeout shouldn’t be burdened with sleep mode as the latter puts the Mac to sleep. Also, the placement to configure sleep mode on Mac is exclusive altogether.

Perhaps, there are instances when you might need to increase or exchange the screen timeout on Mac. For example, you would want your Mac display to stay on longer while giving a presentation for your clients. At the same time, a brief timeout helps to hold the battery existence while your Mac is inactive.

How do I change the inactivity timeout on Mac?

 inactivity timeout on Mac?

Though it’s quite clean to boom display timeout on MacBook Air and Pro. However, in macOS eleven Big Sur and later, Apple has replaced the Energy Saver gadget preference with Battery.

Worry no longer, you may nevertheless trade the timeout for display off in addition to flip off display timeout on Mac. In addition, customers can trade display screen timeout for the screensaver on their Mac.

By extending the screen timeout on Mac, you may exchange the time your display stays on. Users can also repair the default timeout the usage of the ‘Restore Defaults’ choice.

Without in addition ado, permit’s see the way to set the timeout for display and screensaver on macOS Big Sur and Monterey.

How to trade the screen timeout on MacBook

screen timeout on MacBook
  • Make positive your Mac is on macOS Big Sur or Monterey.
  • On your Mac, click the Apple emblem on the pinnacle-left nook and open System Preferences.
  • In System Preferences, go to ‘Battery‘.
  • Click on Battery inside the left sidebar.

To modify display screen timeout, drag the “Turn show off after” slider to your selected length.

When plugged right into a electricity adapter

Similarly, visit System Preferences > Battery and pick ‘Power Adapter’. Move the “Turn display off after” slider to a preferred time to set the timeout for turning off the show whilst the Mac is plugged in.

TIP: How to put off screen timeout on Mac

screen timeout on Mac

To flip off display timeout on MacBook, drag the “Turn show off after” slider to the Never position (on the acute right). You can do that for each the Battery and Power Adapter, or either of them.

NOTE: Never letting your display doze off may shorten its existence.

How to alternate Screen Saver timeout on Mac

  • To alter the display saver time,
  • Go to the Apple menu and open System Preferences.
  • Click the drop-down box and pick out one of the pre-described time periods.
  • Click ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ after which click the ‘Screen Saver‘ tab.