How to Choose the Best Lighting for Unfinished Basement Ceiling

Decorating your basement is a great way to increase the marketing value of the home. Another benefit of an upgraded basement is that you can use the extra space and convert it into a living area, a home office, a guest bedroom, or a small theater. But basements are usually one of the trickiest spaces to accessorize. The main reason is that they lack natural light and air compared to other rooms in your house. The first thought that comes to mind is a dark, gloomy, and scary space whenever we think about the basement. But basements can provide you endless possibilities to convert them into more usable space.

Only because the basement lacks abundant natural light and air does not mean it should be dark and dreary. The one thing that can convert your old basement into a functional space is the correct use of lighting. Know that appropriate lighting can create a practical, comfortable, and pleasant feel in the basement. There is a long list of lighting options to illuminate your basement, such as led sky panels, track lighting, string lights, etc. You will need to put the functionality of the basement first while choosing lights for your basement. Many people will think that only because the basement is not complete, it does not matter how it looks. However, you can also bring a charm to your unfinished basement with suitable lighting options. 

A combination of functionality and style will help you spruce up your unfinished basement. Choosing the appropriate type of light for your unfinished basement ceiling can become a bit hectic for you. You will need to consider the ceiling height, color tone, and other factors while choosing the lighting options. Besides, you might have to put a lot of thought while lighting the basement. No one will like that their new space should lack light and appear unwelcoming. You can use several lighting techniques to help you make the basement a part of the rest of the house. You will need to put extra effort while transforming the basement into a more working space like other rooms because of the less availability of sunlight.  

Lighting options you can use for unfinished basement ceiling:     

Lighting options for an unfinished basement will vary from other rooms because of different priorities. Remember that lighting in other rooms, such as the living area or bedroom, will require style and charm with functionality. The main thing you need in your basement is illumination. Know that the style and trendiness of lights can be a bonus point for you. It is advisable to think about a few aspects before investing in lighting options for your unfinished basement ceiling. Below are some best lightings to use for your unfinished basement ceiling.    

Amount of natural light:    

The first thing is to consider how many natural lights your basement gets. Most of the time, basements are dark with no amount of sunlight. On the contrary, some basements might receive natural light from the windows. If your basement has giant doors or windows, the possibility is that your basement will not be completely dark. 

How you will use the basement:

The next thing to consider is how you will be using the basement. Lighting will differ according to the purpose of the room. You will need plenty of lighting if you plan to use your basement as a home office or a media room. On the other hand, if you plan on using your basement as a home theater, you will not need sharp lighting options with full glare.   

The style of your basement:    

The design and style of your room will also dictate which lighting is the best for the space. Know that if your lighting does not match the theme of your basement, it will not create a desirable atmosphere. Recessed lighting will go along best if your basement has an industrial style. Know that having an unfinished basement means you need lighting with maximum visibility. 

The height of the ceiling:

The available space in your basement will also impact which lighting option to choose. Having a low ceiling means that you do not have plenty of room. In this case, you need to replace hanging lights with recessed lighting. The good thing about recessed lighting is that they do not hang low from the ceiling. Recessed lightings are an ideal option for a room that has limited space. 

Types of lighting for unfinished basement ceiling:

It is essential to consider all the options you have while lighting up your unfinished basement. Do not forget that basement walls will not reflect lights like the other painted walls. That is why it is crucial to be selective with your lighting options. You can choose from flush mount lighting, dimmable track lights, led wraparound light, led light bars, and track lighting for your basement.