How To Choose The Right Event Streaming Service in India

Digital media has evolved as an endless array of fields providing opportunities to businesses for growth & development. With the current evolution, this field is also catering to the requirements of the people at minimum cost & maximum reliability.

Live Streaming Online Platforms are more in demand which is making people around the world together under a single platform and witness the event with lots of engagement and interaction activities.

In this blog, we are going to cover factors that play an important role in selecting the best streaming platform for your event, defining live streaming platforms & their features, and much more.

What is a Live Streaming Platform?

It is a virtual tool that facilitates real-time video streaming without being recorded on the user’s device. It thus allows you to be in front of your audience spontaneously.

For any brand or content creator live streaming is an integral part of his routine. It not only helps in better understanding of their audience but also enables them to engage with them in real-time & work on feedback for further modifications.

The role of streaming service providers is to increase visibility, expanding the brand’s influence within the digital landscape available.

What to Look for in Event Streaming Services

This is something even professionals should care about. With a variety of options to choose from and a wide range of service platforms, the task gets quite harder.

It ultimately depends on the type of requirement of the event and the factors associated with it like – budget, type of audience, features to be used, etc. Below are some of the points which in general should be kept in mind before selecting your event platform-

  • Its video content management tools
  • Type of encoding software used for the video delivery
  • Video analytics feature
  • Pricing plans & offers
  • Live Streaming API feature for the content management
  • Low latency mode for delivery of video without any delay

The choice of live streaming platform will depend on the goals you have been decided by you for your online video broadcasting.

Some Popular Streaming Platforms in India

Because of so many options available in the field of service providers in India, it becomes quite hectic to choose the best one out of the basket. There are many factors that should be kept in mind while selecting your perfect choice.

Below is the list of some popular on-demand live streaming services providers which will help you in finding the platform as per your requirement –


It has its dedicated live streaming services which come with a real-time audience engagement facility & seamless user experience.

With features like- virtual tradeshows, hybrid events, town hall meetings, etc. Dreamcast offers a wide range of services to its users.


It provides hybrid solutions with its event management technology & delivers one of the best virtual streaming services.

Aventri offers virtual booth services & sponsorship opportunities for the organizers for better audience engagement & wider networking approach.


With virtual event solutions provided by whova, managing online sessions on one platform, watching a pre-recorded video, and tiering attendees with content control have become a lot more popular among the audience.

Whova is one of the popular live streaming service providers which offers session streaming, attendee engagement, & wide networking options for the organizers for better audience engagement.


It comes with a streamyard broadcasting studio feature hopin offers reliable streams to its audience and that too with a budget-friendly option.

This Hopin is well known for its event marketing strategies & creation of landing pages for the registration & promotion of the brand or organization.


It has robust insights & analytics feature which provides valuable feedback & ideas for the modification of events according to audience needs.

Vconfex offers branded booths with a digital experience that gives a real-life event feeling.

ez Talks Webinar

This is one of the top-ranking webcast service provider as well as a webinar platform. The options ez Talks offers are truly limitless.

With its attractive invitation email, HD video in real-time, a trial period of over 100 minutes, screen sharing, and whiteboard with up to 100 participants, etc. thus make it all one solution for all your streaming needs.

Guide to Choose the Right Streaming Platform

Let’s dive in deep to select the right choice of a streaming platform for you-

Deciding your Goals Accomplish

  • Goals for catering to your audience should be a matter of prime concern for you. Defining your goals will also set up a good strategy for engagement with your audience.
  • There are many webcast services providers which deliver global or local web broadcasting but it depends on your choice which kind of provider you need for your event.

Identification of Target Audience

  • Just having their names on your registration page doesn’t mean they are the best choice for your event. To know their interests & engagement level you need to dive a bit deeper with the help of a live streaming services platform.
  • This can be done by framing some questions like – challenges faced by the targeted audience, solutions for those challenges, learning outcomes, etc.

Good Research of the Competitors

  • Nowadays, brands often choose more than one platform for their promotion but this is not the case with you. Identifying which platform has the higher viewership & selecting the one will result in the best output.
  • There are other parameters too like – the kind of live streams your competitors produce, their monetization strategies, etc. which should be taken into consideration while choosing your live streaming platform.


If you are on the expedition of finding the perfect live streaming platform for your event then it will be far more than just signing up and going live.

For getting the most from your event, you need to identify who your target audience is, what they need from you, and where they live. Once done, you’ll need a live streaming services platform which will be helpful in the creation of brand awareness and lead capturing.

Going live on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. to build strong audience interaction. But again, you will have to sacrifice many customizable options which ultimately come up with all the paid tools. Read More

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