How to Find Perfect-sized Tyres for Your Car?

You need to replace your car tyres after a few years. The workload of years, road conditions, weather, etc. are the leading reasons that can affect your tyres. They impact the performance of tyres and make you replace them. Replacing them is not all about visiting a tyre shop and getting new tyres. You need to find quality tyres that fit perfectly as well. 

You can buy tyres online from a reputable brand to get high-quality tires. However, the size issue is still there. Finding the perfectly fitting tyres for your car is not an easy task. And the worst thing is that your car cannot perform well if the tires are small or larger than the actual ones. Don’t worry! We are here to guide you on how to find the perfect-sized tyres for your car.

Look for the Tyre Number 

The first thing you can do is to look for tyre number. Tyre numbers tell everything about the size of tyres. Diameter, height, design, and everything else related to tyres is present in tyre number. You may even struggle to find the tyre number as well. Following are the key places where you can find the tyre number.

On Tyre 

The most common place where you can find the number is on your car’s tyres. It is usually present on the front or back face of the tyre. Size numbers can be different for front and back tyres. So take care of this factor as well.

Fuel Flap 

Sometimes you may not be able to find the number on the tyres. It may also get faded and make it difficult for you to find the exact tyre number of your vehicle. The fuel flap is also the place where you can see the tyre number of your car. It is usually written inside the flap. However, not all cars have tyre numbers written inside the fuel flap. 

Driver’s Door 

The driver’s door of the car may also have information about tyre size. You simply have to check the inside of the driver’s door panel to look for numbers. Again, only a few cars have tyre numbers at this place.

Car’s Handbook 

It is the best way to find the tyre number or tyre size for your car. Every car has a handbook also referred to as a manual or guidebook. It has information about all the major parts of the car. You can simply check it to find the tyre number of your car.

How to Crack the Code? 

Tyre number is actually the code you need to crack to find the exact size of your tyres. The easiest way is to take help from tyre experts. Looking for even more ease, contact Yokohama tyres, one of the leading tyres companies. You simply have to send a pic of the tyre numbers to their experts and place the order, and perfect-sized tyres will be delivered to your home. 


No more struggle to find perfect tyres for your car as we have guided you on how to find them. Follow the guide and get the perfect tyres delivered to your doorstep.