How to Find Student Accommodation in a Foreign Country

Abroad education is an amazing opportunity to be experienced. To live in a country where you know nothing is definitely a daunting yet beautiful experience. So the first thing you need to find is accommodation where you can spend your time when you get there. If you are a student who is going abroad for studies, you might want to note down accommodation facilities to have a better time there. After all, it is a home away from home so let’s explore How to Find Student Accommodation in a Foreign Country. Seeking Overseas Education Consultants In Kochi can help you find accommodation in your preferred location

Tips on Selecting Your Accommodation

You can keep these in mind while checking for the perfect accommodation. 


One of the important aspects while searching for a stay is to ensure that you have a safe environment. You should not compromise your safety to save money. You can either find a stay near your university so that you can get there in time or in a city so that you can also find part-time jobs easily.  


One of the essential tips is to sort out the rent. You can check out several rental options to choose the one that has reasonable rent and facilities. Rent can be based on various aspects like the city or area you would like to live. Note that rent is a major part of your monthly expense so you can decide how much should be allowed for housing or renting option. You can also set a budget for certain places where the rents are lowers. It is always better to compare selected accommodation facilities to pick the apt option for your time living there. 

Check for a Contract or Lease

It is important to understand what is said in a contract that is to be signed which is given to you when you fix on an accommodation. For instance, you can be conned by a fake accommodation contract. Also see that if there are facilities like cable and Wi-Fi, utilities are included in rent as these alone can dramatically increase your expense of living. See the location before signing the contract as it can clear your concerns and actually see what the facilities are. You might be asked to pay a certain amount as an advanced security deposit in addition to the rent for the first month which is basically rent for a month and will be returned at the end of the contract. 

Apartment Sharing

If you and your friends are looking for a stay option. You can decide on sharing your apartment which can be cheap. Either way, you can share or pick your accommodation accordingly. For instance, if you are okay with sharing rooms, you can opt for sharing rooms with other people or your friends so that you can split the monthly rent among them. Most international students do this to save money and manage living expenses.    

Types of Accommodation

Once you get admission to a reputed university the next thing to be noted is to find an accommodation that makes it easier for you to live there. Finding a stay abroad is an essential part of your abroad education right after you get accepted at your preferred educational organization. Preparing for your arrival abroad is also crucial as securing your visa. 

Some of the accommodation options are mentioned below: 

Halls of Residence

This is on-campus accommodation that includes residing in the college dormitories or halls of residence. International students opt for this as it is easier to get to the university and it encourages students in socializing more often by participating in groups and campus activities. There are various universities that provide stay for international students inside campus and it can be shared rooms that have kitchens and restrooms.   

Renting an Apartment

This is another option that is preferable for international students. There are landlords that provide stay facilities in the vicinity of the university. Double-check everything before signing the lease or contract as it might not have mentioned utility costs and other facility costs. Students rent a room, apartment, or house as a matter of privacy. You can split the rent and room with your friends. 

Useful Student Accommodation Websites

Some of the effective websites are mentioned in the following to make it easier for you to find accommodation abroad.


Whether it be Canada or Australia, or a specific city, you can always count on Nestpick in getting you the best options to choose for your stay abroad. Note that you cannot directly book your stay within the website, instead, you will be guided to a site where the listing is directly placed. You can see a hundred thousand housing options to browse on the website. 


You can find an array of housing and rental options on this website which is a one-click platform. A variety of options like single and dual occupancy spaces, private studios, and many more. They also partner with many service providers like international SIM, luggage transfer, forex, and more to ensure the safe well-being of international students.  

To reiterate, students are going abroad for their studies and one of the factors they find challenging is the place of accommodation. It is not that daunting to choose preferable stays before you come to your destination. How to Find Student Accommodation in a Foreign Country might help you to get insights on the accommodation facilities and aspects to note while choosing the same. These tips will help you get advices on finding a stay where you wish to study. You can also consult Best Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala to clear your concerns and queries regarding abroad education.