How To Find Top Salesforce Admin & Developers In 2022 

Salesforce is the most profound, feature-rich, and versatile CRM system. The platform allows users to manage their business processes, clients, sales, and services more productively. It is also great for developers who want to create custom applications according to the specific needs of their business. 

However, with so many different Salesforce admin and developer roles, it might not be easy to deliver everything solely. Specializing in various fields is the best way to utilize the Salesforce platform to its fullest potential. That is why you must establish relationships with specific Salesforce admins and developers for your business. Your investment must move the business forward and promote growth and development. 

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This article is a simple, complete guide to help you find a great Salesforce admin or developer in 2022. You will know how to identify and assess your business needs, what to look for in a Salesforce admin or developer, and where to find the best talent. 

Follow these tips to ensure your Salesforce deployment journey is seamless, productive, and future-proof. 

1. Know Your Business 

It is not about what you sell but how you sell it. Focus on your target market and customer needs. That will help you identify the areas of your business to enhance with Salesforce. After all, the main goal is to make your customers happy and keep them returning for more. 

Moreover, get your objectives and vision straight. Understand what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. Do you have a timeline to follow? Is it achievable within the timeframe? Finding the best Salesforce admin or developer might take a few weeks. Use your business goals to pick the top Salesforce partners from Forcetalk. 

2. Identify Candidates with Matching Skill Sets 

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Salesforce will help you get your vision into action and reality. But only specific Salesforce admins or developers can do it for you. They should understand your business needs and have the skills to deliver on them. For instance, if you need to improve sales, conversions, customer engagement, or service processes, you should find a Salesforce admin with adequate experience in those areas. 

Determine their match with their certification in the areas you need help. Salesforce offers training and certification to ensure compliance and best practices. The Salesforce Certified Administrator credential is for admins who want to demonstrate their ability to successfully set up, maintain, and optimize a Salesforce environment. The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I credential is for those who want to show their skills in building custom applications on the platform. 

3. Expertise and Experience 

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When you have a business to run, the last thing you want is to keep an eye on your Salesforce admin or developer all the time. Hire someone who knows your business needs and the customer journey in a particular vertical. For instance, real estate customer needs cannot match those of customers interested in e-commerce. Your Salesforce admin should understand workflows and processes according to the business model. 

The last thing you want is a Salesforce admin or developer who is also trying to learn your business while working on it. The ideal candidate should bring their expertise to help you improve your processes, workflows, and overall performance. They should have a few years of experience with the Salesforce platform to show they know what they are doing. Also, ask if they have worked with businesses in similar industries and what they have achieved for them. 

4. Long-Term Goals 

Immediate needs for a Salesforce partner may be to implement or customize Salesforce for your business. However, you should also consider their ability to help you in the long run. For instance, you might need more features or automated processes as the business grows. The Salesforce admin or developer should have the skills and experience to help you scale for future market demands. 

Also, Salesforce is improving its products with new features and releases. They also offer three-year long-term support for specific versions. Your Salesforce partner should be ready to upgrade your org to the latest version and secure the platform or upgrade your apps to match the new releases. 

5. Your Budget 

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Implementing Salesforce is a lifetime investment for your business. Or, at least, you need a long-term vision and mission. You will spend significantly every engagement with a Salesforce admin or developer. Their rates will also increase as they grow their skills and experience. 

It is not wise to spend every dime you have on Salesforce. Consider if you can afford to pay their rates now and in the future. Also, determine what your business can realistically achieve with the implementation. Sustainability should be the ultimate guide. Never over-invest in Salesforce and put your business at risk. 


Salesforce, an extensive and modern CRM for various business domains, is a platform that requires an adequate level of expertise to set up, administer, and customize according to business needs. You must find a Salesforce admin or developer with the skills and experience necessary to help you successfully implement it. But be careful not to hire the wrong candidate or overspend, risking your business sustainability.