How To Get A Job In Canada: A Practical Guide For New Immigrants

Canada is a beautiful land filled with enchanting lakes and scenic landscapes. Every new immigrant in Canada needs help finding a job. There are many platforms and ways available for you to do so, including by applying to a Canada job consultancy. Even arrival services assist new immigrants in landing a good job. Make sure you have your work permit ready for interviews or apply for one as soon as possible. Below are given some ways in which you can get a good job in Canada as an immigrant:

– Request a Work Permit

Most occupations in Canada require a work permit, so you are eligible to apply. You must check the official website if your profession requires a work permit. Start the procedure as soon as possible to get your approval and apply for jobs immediately. 

– Modify Your Resume

The one thing that can help you stand out in your job applications is your resume. Employers will be interested in a resume that looks professional and has all the relevant details. You must include your experience and achievements without praising yourself. 

This is very helpful for your job applications, as Canadian employers scan resumes thoroughly. You can always get professional help building your resume to  get noticed. Even if you have Canada PR immigration, updating your resume will help you find more relevant jobs in your field.

– Create a Customized Cover Letter

  • When applying to different jobs, you must write a cover letter that is specific to each company and role. This is because employers talk to each other and discuss potential applicants.
  • If you apply to many different jobs with the same cover letter, it will lower your chances.
  • You must spend time on each job application and write an impressive and crisp cover letter.
  • It should state the role you are applying for and what you can add to it.

– Apply In Your Specific Areas

One particular mistake you should not make is to apply to various postings without seeing the roles. Instead, you should do a selective search with the help of a Canada job consultancy and find suitable job titles. You should limit the postings you apply to, or recruiters might get tired of seeing your CV repeatedly. Search for the best companies in your field, write cover letters, and apply there. You can do this even if you have not gotten a work permit as yet.

– Show Your Interest

You must show the company you are applying to that you are eager to do the job. Then, after the interview, send a mail thanking them for their time. Even if you don’t get the job, you can thank them for considering you. Small gestures like these can have huge impacts on these employers. Even if they don’t have an opening in your field, they might personally recommend you to another company.

– Apply On Job Portals

You should apply on global job portals, which will help you find the specific role you are looking for. You can even use these job portals to contact current company employees. They can advise you on what to expect from the role and assist you with your application. Even if you already have Canada PR immigration, this will help you progress.

– Start Networking 

The fastest way to get a job is through local networks. First, you must go to job fairs and talk to different people. Next, you should learn how to join networking events and create contacts. These contacts will keep you in mind when they find any relevant postings. This is helpful as these networks will inform you about jobs that have not even been posted online yet.

– Volunteer At Events 

You can volunteer for different events and expand your network of contacts. You should go online and search for events in your local area that you can easily volunteer for. This will help you meet people from different sectors and create local contacts. You can also add this to your resume as a bonus to impress employers.

– Get Accredited 

It is essential that when you apply for a job, you must check if it is regulated or not. First, you must get your qualifications accredited, and then check if any special accreditation is required. Some jobs require special certification, like social work, physiotherapy, nursing, and teaching. This will be a bonus when you apply for jobs, as the employers will see you have the relevant skills.


The important thing is to apply for jobs as you get to Canada to be financially stable. You can speak to a Canada job consultancy before you even arrive. They will help you find the right jobs and get you in touch with the relevant employers.

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