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How to Install Automatic Sliding Door 

Installation of the Aluminum Alloy Casing

It is important to install the aluminum alloy casing horizontally. The tolerance is 1mm. It is possible for the door to be uneven in strength if it is not perfectly level. This will result in shorter machine life.

Installation of Door Hanger

Attach the door hanger bolt to mount the hanger parts in the correct position on the door. The pulley’s center should be in line with the door. A pulley that is not in parallel will reduce the life expectancy of the pulley. The hanging device’s pulley should be hung to the power beam. * Do not damage other parts or guide rails of your power beam. It can cause component failure, pulley life loss, abnormal sound, and other problems.

Limit Device Installation: Remove the Stopper’s Mounting Bolts.

The rail of the power beam should have the limiter device embedded. To determine the position of the limiter device, first move the door. After adjusting the limiter device’s position, the hanging device should hit the stop pad. Use a hex wrench to tighten the mounting bolts.

Adjustment of Door Height and Gap

Lock the nuts on the fixed hanger. Safely adjust the adjustment bolts.
Attach the brackets to the mounting brackets by tightening the nuts. Verify the resistance of the door when you walk. Confirm that there is no lag phenomenon and no friction sound. If there are any problems please let us know.

  • The hanging is vertically fixed to the door
  • If the device is friction-free with the power beam
  • The friction between the door frame and the door moving leaf is maintained at 10mm. The gap between fixed and moving door leaves is 5mm.

Automatic Sliding Door Belt Tension Adjustment:

Turn the tensioner assembly left and tighten it. To adjust the belt tension, loosen the four tension adjustment bolts. Turn the tension adjusting bolt counterclockwise. Lock the four fixing bolts for the adjusting plate.

Adjustment of Control System:

Adjust the control system: In normal circumstances, you don’t need to adjust the door. Before you adjust the door, move the door several times so that it can slide smoothly. The toggle switches can be set to either the left or the right depending on the direction of the door opening. The switch should be set to the right when the door is fully open. When the door is close, turn the power switch on. Adjust the Control Box on the Knob: Press the button to adjust the various projects.

The starting intensity can adjust to ensure that the door opens and closes easily.
You can adjust the opening speed or the distance between the door and the buffer.
Verify that the door opening speed is within the factory setting.
Adjust the buffer distance between the door and the opening to 10-20 cm.

Adjust the door opening speed. First, confirm the speed. Next, adjust the buffer distance.

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  • After unlocking the electromagnetic lock, please press the test button.
  • To avoid injury, please ensure there are no pedestrians near the door after you have adjusted it.
  • Do not tighten the knob too much. This could cause damage to your door.
  • Adjust the buffer speed so that the door doesn’t appear after the switch has a greater impact.
  • Adjust the holding and opening time: Adjust according to customer needs to approximately 1 second, without any instructions

Installation of the Electric Sliding Door Sensor

Remove the cover from the sensor. Before installing the sensor, use a screwdriver to remove the cover. Preparation for sensor installation: Refer to the drawing map to locate the location of the sensor. Then, remove the pin hole from the sensor wire. Connect the wire to the terminal block by routing the wire through the hole. To adjust the angle of the sensor radiation according to the environment, adjust the wire. Please do not touch the plane antenna. To prevent it from malfunctioning.

After installation is complete, take precautions

Close the door after the installation is complete. Next, switch on the power. The door will begin to move slowly when the power is turn on for the first time. This allows the door to track the route.

These are the automatic sliding door opener installation methods and should be paid attention to. Automate sliding doors are widely used in hotels, offices, banks, hospitals, shops and other buildings.

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