How to Pick A Good Point of Sale Software for Your Store?

If your repair business is doing well, it has tremendous potential to grow in the future. That means you need a tool that will cope with your business needs. In addition, with the advancement of technology, much software has taken place in the market to ease the repair business process. So choosing the right point of sales software is crucial for your computer repair business. It can determine your business goals and increase your profits.

If you think gathering resources for your repair business is backbreaking, you might need to consider it again. Because managing the resources is the ultimate challenge after you have bought the inventory and hired the technicians. For that reason, you must have software that fits your business needs. It cannot be any random software, so you have to be conscious while picking one.

Considering that every repair store has different requirements, you should look for software that caters to your store’s needs. It depends on how big your business is. Is it a multi-store business or a single-store? Does it have separate warehouses? Also, employment management comes under this umbrella.

Let’s find out which best features you should look for in computer repair shop software to select the perfect one for your repair business.

Justify Your Needs Against the Cost of the Software

First, you must set your budget before buying the software. A typical software system includes the cost of the software package, hardware parts like a POS, and payment processing. You can purchase a simple/basic plan to fulfill your business requirements and add additional features as your business grows.

If your business is a little bigger i-e you have multiple stores across different locations, you should increase your budget. So identify which features you need in your repair management software and select them, keeping in mind your future expansion. In addition to that, your software purchase should justify its cost against your budget. A few more dollars won’t hurt your business if it fulfills all your needs. So be meticulous in terms of selecting one.

What Features Do You Need?

Features are vital in picking up the best software for your repair shop. Since your industry is clearly the repair industry, now is the time to select what features you need to flourish your business. Your repair store has computer parts, employees, retail stock, and inventory. All these things are separately managed. But in point of sales software, you can manage everything in one system. So you need to decide which features you want in the software and buy the one that satisfies your needs.

It must include the following features:

  • Ticket management
  • Employee management
  • Inventory management
  • Reporting
  • Billing and Invoicing

You can add the rest of the features according to your repair shop requirements. For example, if you take online appointments or want a loyalty program for your customers, look for software that accommodates these.

Moreover, there should be flexibility for add-on features like a phone system that allows you to take calls from multiple customers simultaneously, send automated replies, and much more.

Provide You with Vast Integrations

Your repair management software should be a unified platform where you can handle all your business functions without needing any other application. For example, a repair business requires different vendors to purchase its inventory, marketing tools, and accounting software. Using separate systems for all this can be frustrating and kills the point of buying repair software. So, pick software that is open to integrations or provides a vast number of integrations itself, like vendors, eCommerce, and payment methods.

Some useful integrations that your software should have are:

  • Marketplaces
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Payments

Assists You with the Best Customer Support

Your computer repair shop software must come with updates from time to time. Therefore, select the software with the best customer support. You can judge it easily while talking to the salesperson and seeing their monthly/annual packages. Ensure that your customer support will be accessible and instantly responsive whenever you need it before buying the software. In addition, it should follow all the security protocols to be immune to external threats.

Customer Facing Display

One attractive feature that a repair software must have is a customer-facing display. Customers love to check in and check out on their own. Implementing this will make the customers’ sales and purchase process exciting and transparent. It takes the digital signatures of the customers to ensure the purchase. Moreover, it displays your offers and promotions on the screen, which customers can notice while checking in or out. It is a perfect way to market your deals or products without doing anything.

Customer-facing display needs a hardware setting to function, so add its price while deciding on your software budget.


To summarize, the point of sales software packs a bundle of advantages for repair business owners, whether they are dealing in retail or repairs. So it is better to choose software that understands your business, adapts to your future expansions, and saves money. Furthermore, it should be a one-stop shop for your business where you have all integrations, vendors, and excellent customer support.

I recommend you list your current and future needs in order of urgent and important and select the software according to those requirements. The above-given points will help you make this decision very well. So apply these points before buying one and run your repair business effortlessly.