How To Prep Your Guest Bathroom for Company

If you have a spare room, especially one with a guest bathroom, then you are probably used to hosting. Most people tend to focus on the sleeping arrangements, and sometimes the guest bathroom (or whatever bathroom you designate for company) gets neglected.

The best advice is to make the guest bathroom as much like a spa as you can. Take a cue from fancy hotels that normally keep to a basic overall decor and design, but luxe up by providing bathtub pillows for head and back, upscale linens and other bathroom perks.

Here are some great ways to prep your guest bathroom for company.

Prep the Tub

Cleaning may seem like a basic task when preparing for company, but sometimes guest bathrooms are not typically utilized on a regular basis. This can mean they are mistaken as clean when they may not be.

If no one showers or baths in the guest bathroom, clean the tub and shower anyway. Be sure to properly clean and dry out the bath pillow for the head and neck so that your guests can use it to relax. If you don’t have one, you really should consider adding one to the tub for a spa-like bathing experience. Be sure it has strong suction cups to keep the pillow placed on the tub for optimal support. They are easy to clean, simply wash down with soap and water then hang to dry. Make sure to re-attach the bath pillow to the tub for your guests in case they don’t know how to use it. This will also encourage them to make themselves at home.

Another thing you can add to the tub area is a selection of spa amenities like epsom salts, oils, and bubble bath for your guests to enjoy. Having a selection helps meet everyone’s needs. Don’t forget that men take baths too! Be sure to include a scent that might be more masculine to cater to your male guests also!

Prep the Linens

If you are going to spend a little more money on an item for your guest bathroom, it should be high quality towels. There is nothing worse than a scratchy towel, or one that leaves lint stuck to your skin after you dry off.

Your guests will need an absorbent towel that they can comfortably wrap around them (with room to spare!). Make sure your bath towels are large enough, and don’t forget to provide washcloths and hand towels.

Many home experts will argue that Turkish cotton is the best material for all the linens in your guest bathroom. Similar to Egyptian cotton, the long fibers of Turkish cotton yield stronger and smoother threads than regular cotton. It even grows softer over time and with every wash.

It is also important to remember there should be a well-placed bath mat for your guests to stand on once they exit. Pay extra attention that it is anti-slip and absorbent for safety, and hang it over the tub rail to dry thoroughly when needed.

Prep the Visual

Guests will remember the clean, comfortable bathroom thanks to a bathtub pillow and luxurious towel. If your bathroom is visually hideous however, none of that will matter.

Your guest bath doesn’t have to have marble tile or granite countertops to be luxurious. If a few simple design choices are made, any bathroom can be spa-worthy at first sight.

If you have ever been to a day spa (or even a somewhat fancy hotel),  you have probably noticed a more modern-minimalist design with clean lines. Usually the paint itself is light in color to make the space appear bigger. No matter the size, looking bigger is always better in regard to bathrooms.

Wallpaper can bring a unique texture to the bathroom walls and give it a more cozy feel. Remember that less is more, and things should remain somewhat neutral in order to achieve a spa-like visual.

Plants also add a great visual appeal to a guest bathroom, plus they are healthy. They also grow well in a bathroom environment when they have natural light. The steam and heat from the baths and showers will condition the plants naturally.

Keep the plants in your guest bathroom healthy, be sure to trim and water as needed. If they start to look a little run-down, consider swapping them out with a healthier houseplant until they bounce back. A dying plant in a guest bathroom is depressing.

By splurging on a few luxury items such as a bathtub pillow for head and back, some high-end linens, and careful design choices, the guest bathroom can be a spa-like getaway for visitors.

The most important thing is to focus on cleanliness and the comfort of your guests when prepping your guest bathroom.