How to Replace Your Closet Door with Mirror Barn Door

Is your bedroom cramped, and you feel like you need more space? You may think of finding a bigger house, but your budget may not allow it. However, that doesn’t mean you are tied to your small space- you can revamp your closet area with a mirror barn door to create enough space. 

Mirror barn doors come with rustic styles that add an inspiring interior design to your bedroom. They also help save space; thus, you can utilize your bedroom area to its full potential.  

If you are looking forward to remodeling your closet doors, stay tuned to learn how you can achieve this with a stylish mirror barn door for closet.


It is time to change the overall appearance of your bedroom space to that Instagram design you have been dreaming of, and the process is straightforward. 

Here is how to go about it; 

Source the Mirror Barn Door: There are numerous barn door manufacturers, and getting a perfect door can be a hassle. Therefore, you must window shop from several manufacturers to get the best in the market.

Remove Your Old-fashioned Closet Door: After purchasing your mirror barn door, you can do away with your old closet door. 

Assemble the materials you need: Before starting the installation process, ensure you have all the requisite items. You need tools such as the rails, mountain screws, a tape measure, a hand-held drill and a pencil.  

Prepare the door: Get your new mirror barn door and install the rollers. To securely insert them, drill holes with your driller.   

Install the metal track: You will need to drill holes similar to those on your closet door to align with the track. Also, if your wall is not concrete, you will require a backer board to install the track. 

Insert the stoppers: Your barn door accessories kit should have the stoppers. Slide them on both ends of the track and screw them perfectly. 

Place your mirror barn door: Get your door and insert it into the drilled holes on the closet wall. Then, screw them well to secure the door. Ensure that the rollers snap into the track. Besides, your door should slide on the track without fuss, even with gentle pressure. Once your door is in place, you can enjoy its natural vibes. 


After installing your mirror barn door for closet, it is crucial to keep it clean. This is to ensure that you enjoy its full-length mirror and natural lighting. 

You can clean your mirror in different ways. For example, you can use glass cleaning products that you can find in various stores or homemade detergents. 

For detergents, mix a small amount of it with a bucket of water. Then, find a clean microfiber cloth and dip it in the mixture. Use it to wipe the mirror. Please do not use a newspaper to wipe the mirror because it leaves particles behind. Also, ensure that your mixture is not overly foamy because it will leave streaks. 

If you choose to use glass cleaning products, get to know the best product to use from the manufacturer’s instructions. This is to ensure that your mirror remains clear and durable. 


Are you shying away from installing a mirror barn door in your house because you think it is old-fashioned? You are not alone because many feel it is an ’80s home design. 

However, the truth is mirror barn doors are making a comeback. This is because manufacturers can make trendy designs that regular doors can’t provide. They are also a great way to save space in cramped areas.

Apart from your bedroom, there are other places in your house where you can install mirrored barn doors. These include; 

Foyer– The entry path to your house creates the initial impression on your family and friends. If the place is cluttered with shoes and other stuff, you may portray a disorganized character. However, you can create more room for a shoe rack by installing a mirror darn door in your foyer. 

Bathroom: You can install this door at the entrance of your ensuite bathroom because it provides a full length. As a result, you can view yourself as you change and dress up. 

Laundry room: Your washing area should have ample space to accommodate the washing machine and cleaning materials. However, your swinging door could be taking much of the area, and you need to do something. A sliding mirror barn door can serve you the best because it opens horizontally. 

Home offices: If you work remotely, you probably have an office in your house. You can add a taste to your office with a mirror barn door. It will also bounce natural light, thus making your office brighter.  

The list of places where you can install mirror barn doors is endless- they can fit almost every space in your house. Therefore, these doors will never get out of fashion. The good thing is that they can be customized to blend with every modern space.