How to Set a Webinar in Easy Steps

A webinar is considered among the best ways to interact and connect with a group of people easily. A live webinar service is a fantastic way to keep your audience interested and increase sales. However, there are some actions you must take to guarantee the success of your online seminar.

Of the many important steps to setting up a webinar, choosing the subject for your webinar is the first thing you need to do. Then, in order to deliver your webinar presentation, you’ll need to make an accompanying slide deck. Create a landing page as well so that people can sign up for the webinar from your audience. Finally, you’ll need to pick the appropriate application to host it.

It might look a little simpler, but it is not. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you about the best practises and steps to set up a webinar in the easiest way. Furthermore, what kinds of platforms do you need, and with what features can they offer you? Additionally, about the webinar hosting services and the benefits of using those services in the middle. 

Key Steps to Prepare Before Hosting Your Webinar

You’ll need to prepare before going live and hosting your webinar. To ensure everything runs smoothly when it’s time for your event to go live, you must plan out the content, pick a suitable time and date, and conduct a test run. Let’s take a look.

Plan Out Your Webinar Content

You’ll need to plan the presentation and how you’ll interact with and engage your audience in addition to selecting a topic for your webinar and developing an outline.

You can save time by using a premade template rather than creating a slide deck from scratch, and you won’t have to worry about the design either. Your main points should be included on your slide deck along with any visuals (such as graphs, charts, and illustrations) that will make your presentation more engaging and understandable. The colours and fonts associated with your brand should be used in your slide deck as it should also reflect your brand. 

After that, spend some time organising how you’ll present your sales pitch and when you’ll invite your audience to a discussion. Do you have any questions for them on the subject? Do you plan to include a Q&A section at the end? How much time will be there for Q&A? When are you going to make your pitch?

Choose the Right Time

The success of your online seminar is significantly influenced by its timing. Your webinar’s time and date shouldn’t conflict with any major occasions, such as holidays or sporting events. Make sure the timing is convenient for both you and your audience by considering their interests and your audience. Make sure the time and date fit into their schedule if you have any guest speakers or co-hosts, and don’t forget to think about their audience. If at this point I have to give an important tip, then I will say, before setting up a webinar, take advice from online webinar hosting as they are a trained team of professionals. If you are thinking why I have added this point in the timing section, it is because of their automated services which send updates to your registrants for the webinar (reminder emails automatically). 

Consider the time you’ll spend promoting and advertising your event as another helpful hint. Naturally, you should begin promoting your webinar well in advance to give your audience enough time to sign up.

Last but not least, don’t forget to decide on and organise the length of your online seminar. Aim to select a topic that can be covered in a reasonable amount of time while keeping in mind that most people these days have busy schedules. Additionally, if your webinar lasts too long, you run the risk of losing the interest of your audience. The problem arises when you don’t provide enough value and only focus on getting the sale if it’s too brief. Generally speaking, a webinar should last for an hour.

Make Your Webinar Interactive

Well, this is not one of the points which account while setting up a webinar, but one of the important aspects. As we are discussing making your event interactive to make your audience engaged and entertained till the end. For this, using a webinar hosting service that offers features like live chat, quizzes, chats, polls, and others is preferable. 

Practice Hosting a Webinar

Practice is quite essential to mastering the entire webinar. Make sure your slide deck is prepared for this step and conduct a test webinar using the webinar software you’ve chosen. Additionally, make sure you have a team member who can join the online meetings at the scheduled time by posing as a participant and following your link.

Test the live chat during the practice webinar, go over your presentation, and if you can, record it. By doing so, you’ll be able to listen to it again and determine where any changes or enhancements are required.

Now let’s understand the importance of using the right webinar platform and paid webinar hosting services, and on-demand online event services in a crux. 

Firstly, if you are someone who wants to host online meetings for a small group of people and interactive or less interactive tools are needed. For example; Zoom is one of the popular free platforms recognised by a global audience. Then ignore the next segment as this segment is quite useful for businesses or anyone who is planning to host a grand webinar with some purpose. 

Benefits of Premium Webinar Platform

Professional webinar hosting services have several benefits which can include:

  • Integration with third-party services, such as email list providers, enables automatic email list addition for attendees of your webinar.
  • Availability of mobile device support, allowing you to run your webinar on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Additionally, you can alter your “webinar room” to match your branding using the majority of premium webinar software.
  • the capability of recording your webinar and regularly scheduling a replay.
  • the capability of including polls, inquiries, live chat, and more.

An example of a premium webinar platform is Dreamcast. Dreamcast is one of the oldest webinar platforms and includes all of the features mentioned above as well as a few other features and many other customised services as per your needs and requirements. Like you can add your logo, change the whole interface, background, and a lot of other. Hope this article helps you understand the important steps of setting up a webinar.