How to Turn Your Cox WiFi Hotspot into a Public Hotspot?

Cox customers can turn their home WiFi networks into public WiFi hotspots. This change was part of a service update allowing customers to automatically turn their home wireless network into a public hotspot. Tag along to learn more about this Cox WiFi hot spot update and how it can affect eligible customers using Cox cable bundles

 Who Is Affected by the Cox WiFi Hot Spot Update?

Back in March 2020, Cox notified its internet subscribers that their home WiFi routers will update automatically to host other subscribers as public WiFi hotspots. Customers were updated about this change via email.

The good news is not all Cox customers will experience this update automatically. Only those who have Cox WiFi plans and are using the Panoramic WiFi getaway router will be affected by this change. Therefore, if you are renting a router from the provider, you will opt-in to this feature automatically.

 The Effect of This Change on Your Data Allowance

Your data use allowance and internet speeds will not be affected because the data streams for the Cox hotspots and your home wi-fi are different. It’s only available to other Cox customers, and any visitors who connect to your home wi-fi router’s public hotspot. To access the Cox WiFi hotspot login, others users will have to use their own Cox account credentials.

This means the internet activity of the guest user will be associated with their own account. However, you might experience a lag if more and more users are connected to the router. This is common during rush hour.

 How Can I Disable the Cox Public WiFi Hotspot Feature?

All Panoramic WiFi devices by Cox are enabled as hotpots. This is done to expand WiFi access to customers. If you explore the provider’s website carefully, you should be able to find this. All these devices are automatically enabled hotspots the moment they are activated.

Fortunately, customers can opt-in and out of broadcasting their network on the WiFi Hotspot map. If you use your online account to access features like Cox bill pay and other services, disabling the hotspot won’t be a problem for you. To manually disable the Cox Public WiFi hotspot feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Cox account
  2. From “My Account Overview”, choose “My Profile
  3. Go to the “Privacy Settings” and look for the “Cox Hotspot” section
  4. Hit the “Disable” button to deactivate this feature

If at any point you feel like enabling the public hotspot, then just go back and enable the feature.

Is It Safe to Leave the Public WiFi Hotspot Option Enabled?

If you have Cox Gigablast internet at home and you want to share the network with your guests, this feature will come in handy. However, it will only work if your guests are also Cox internet subscribers.

Just because it’s a public wireless network, doesn’t mean anyone can log in and start using your internet. If some outsider tries to log in, they are likely to experience the Cox WiFi hotspot not working error or the network won’t connect, to begin with.

Why do you ask? Because anyone who tries to connect to the Cox WiFi hot spot will need a Cox account. So, they can only sign in with their own Cox credentials, which makes the public hotspot secure and not open to just about anyone. So, another thing, the guest user needs to be within the range of your network to be able to connect.

Can Non-Customers Connect to the Cox Public Hotspot?

Non-customers will need a Cox hotspot pass to be able to connect to the public hotspot. You can’t get the Cox WiFi hotspot pass free of cost. This limited-time access costs some money. The passes are available in various tiers. you can get access for 2 hours at the price of $4, 24 hours at the price of $8, and one week at the price of $20.

Passes are useful for desperate times when you need a temporary internet solution. Moreover, You might be able to find Cox WiFi hotspot free trial code 2022 if you are lucky and get in for free.

Cox Internet subscribers can sign up for a Cox WiFi hotspot free trial by registering here.


Overall, the WiFi hotspot update by Cox is not that scary. You can disable the public feature by following just a few steps. In case you come across an error while disabling the function or have some other question, contact customer support and someone should be able to help.