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How You Can Add Email Signature in Outlook 365

In today’s digitization, where everything has gone online, digital communication is full of chaos and noise. With social media getting busier day by day and the short attention span of the audience, it becomes extremely essential to reach your targeted audience by ripping off that chaos. But, how is that possible? This can only be possible through an excellent source of communication. However, with so many forms of communication, email is what you can consider the most reliable and direct source to draw the complete attention of your client.

you conduct business via email, your signature must be one of the major points of communication. It is obvious that the first impression matters and so does the last impression.

Obviously, email is not new for you. Each and every single day you might be using innumerable emails to send directly to your important business contacts like vendors, customers, partners, investors, etc. But, do you think that those emails are enough to generate a conversion rate? It is important that you need to increase the conversion rates of your emails and increase their effectiveness. It needs to be more professional to increase your brand awareness. And here comes the role of an email signature.

Easily add an email signature to Outlook via professional email signature maker templates. No matter whether you want to send the same signature to all your emails or just one to change it, you can easily set it accordingly.

What is Email Signature?

The email signature is one of the wonderful ways to enhance the appearance of your sent mail. Its prime motive is that it gives the recipient complete assurance that the sender with whom they are communicating is the actual person, not a robot. A professionally designed email signature can easily reflect your identity and your company. On the whole, email signatures act as online business cards.

Perks of Email Signatures

Research proves that nearly 35 emails are being sent by business professionals per day. Imagine the effect of your mail when it is sent without any professional email signature. Will your client ever distinguish you or your brand from the other one? Obviously not! Below mentioned are some of the important of email signatures:

·       Identity of your brands

·       Clue the recipient on to contact you

·       As a professional or marketing tools

· The First impression to drive traffic to your online presence.

Recent research suggests that when marketers try to resonate with their customers, they are turning their signatures to create a massive impact. As per the report published by Newoldstamp, “Nearly 82% of marketers use email signature to boost their brand, Nearly 48% use it to drive traffic on their website, while only 34% use it to enhance the lead generation.

Adding Email Signatures in Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the Web

Before understanding the steps on how to add email signatures for Outlook, let’s first delve into what Microsoft Outlook is. It is a go-to email client for multiple companies and businesses and they are using it for around decades as a final version in the form of Outlook 365. Maybe it will sound confusing but it’s true. There is no such thing as Outlook 365. Outlook is available in two versions – Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook for Web. As both of them are a part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, hence, named likewise.

Outlook for Microsoft 365 is the app version installed on a laptop or desktop. While Outlook on the web is the webmail version that allows accessing mail accounts through the web browser.

How to Add Email Signatures?

Let’s learn about the individual process of setting email signatures in Microsoft Outlook 365 and Outlook on the web. Creating an email signature design in Outlook is quite easy. You can either use the same signature for all emails or can even use a different signature meant for special emails.

Outlook for Microsoft 365

To set up an email signature in Outlook 365 on a desktop, follow the below-mentioned steps:

·       Go to the Start menu or from the taskbar, open Outlook for PC

·       Now, in Outlook click File>Options

·       When the options get opened, select the Mail tab and then click Signatures in the compose messages section

·       You will now be navigated to the Signatures and Stationery window.

Navigating via the New Email Message window

·       In the Signature and Stationery window, first, click New and then provide a name for your signature

·       Now, in the edit signature section create an email signature. You can use formatting tools to modify its visual appearance.

Editing the Signature

Outlook signature editor provides a very basic formatting tool. To get the more sophisticated one, you can opt for the free email signature generator. It will help in generating an advanced signature template. Just select Outlook as a target email platform, choose from several available templates, adjust it as per your need, and yes, your signature is now ready to copy and paste.

The default signature section can be used to describe which mail account should receive the signature and whether it should be added to new messages or replies. Once everything is done, you can click on OK to save changes.

When you choose it to be your default signature, it will go in every mail that you compose.

Adding Hyperlink to your Signature

·       To add a hyperlink, first select the text that you want to make clickable.

·       Then on the right of the tool options, click the link icon

·       Now, add a URL where you to link your hypertext

Making your Phone Number Clickable

If you want to make your phone number clickable in your email signature, you need to follow the following steps:

·       Select the number and click on the link icon from the tools option.

·       Add prefix tel followed by contact number

Configuring email signature on Outlook on the Web

Creating a signature on Outlook on the web is a bit different from the one you created for Microsoft Outlook 365 app

·       First open Outlook on the web simply by clicking on the Outlook app on your office home page

·       In the top-right corner, you can see a gear icon. Click it and select view all Outlook settings

·       On the left, you can see the navigation window. Go to Mail>Compose and reply

·       Now use the editor box to generate your signature using text, formats, images, or links

Under the signature editor, you can see two drop-down menus. It allows you to decide whether the created signatures should be added to all your new emails and replies or forwarded ones or just want to leave them blank.

If you select signatures one or in both drop-down menus, it will be visible in your message window when you compose mail. But, if you leave the menus to default settings, you will still be able to add a signature manually.

Lastly, Save Your Signature

·       Click Save, and you are all set to use your email signature.

·       Every time you compose emails, your signature will go along with it.

·       You can also go back if you want to make any changes to your signature.

Tips for Designing Outlook Email Signature

An email signature can lay a great impact on your client. It can vary from a minimal one to having several lines of contact info. It can even have animated gifs. Usually, a standard email signature contains your name (first and Last), Job title, company link, and phone number. Furthermore, it can be extended to the following:

·       Social media links (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn)

·       A call to action to provoke users to follow you on social media

·       Add references to your services, products, or achievements

·       Relevant content as per the receiver

·       Legal disclaimers and unsubscribe option

·       Say Thank You

Conclusion: The email signature for Outlook 365 has great importance. It acts as your digital business card. Hence, your email signature must look good and professional and must contain all the valuable information required to contact you. It can leave a strong and lasting impression on the receiver. For any business contacts, it’s important to generate a professional email signature and make sure that it goes with every mail to your clients. Always try to keep fonts readable with not-so-bright colors, and simple graphics. This will simply leave a great lasting impression on your receiver.

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