How You Can Watch the CFL Live Streaming Online

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is one of the most popular sports leagues in Canada. Football fans from all over the country flock to stadiums to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron. But what if you can’t make it to a game? Or what if you live outside of Canada and can’t find a way to watch the games?

Luckily, there are now several ways that you can watch the CFL Live Streaming online. In this blog post, we’ll go over a few of the most popular options so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

The first option is to watch the games you care about through a streaming service, such as Sling TV or Hulu. These services offer a variety of channels that broadcast the CFL games live. With these services, you can watch anywhere and at any time, so long as you have an internet connection. The downside is that they tend to be more expensive than other options.

CFL Game Pass

One option for watching CFL live streaming is through the league’s official Game Pass service. For a fee, you can sign up forGame Pass and gain access to live and on-demand streams of every CFL game, as well as full replays of every game.

The service is available both online and through a mobile app, so you can watch the games on your computer, phone, or tablet. And if you’re not able to watch a game live, you can always come back and watch it later at your convenience.


Another popular option for watching CFL live streaming is through TSN, which is one of the league’s official broadcasters. TSN airs live coverage of every CFL game, as well as pre-game and post-game shows.

If you have a TV subscription that includes TSN—such as with a cable or satellite TV package—you can simply tune in to TSN at game time to catch all of the action. But even if you don’t have a TV subscription, you can still watch TSN’s coverage of CFL games online through their website or mobile app. All you need is a valid credit card to sign up for a short-term pass.


There are now several ways that you can watch CFL live streaming online, so you never have to miss another game. Whether you want to watch through the league’s official Game Pass service or through TSN’s website or mobile app, there’s an option that’s right for you. So grab some snacks and settle in for some exciting football action!