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Your menu is one of the most significant marketing elements in your ice cream shop. The way you showcase your tastes to potential clients might be an excellent approach to attract customers into the store. Any ice cream menu board should be simple to read, visible, and legible both inside and outside your ice cream store. You’ve gone through every type of menu board since opening your ice cream shop: pre-printed, chalkboard, felt boards, painted, drawn, and at last a digital display board.

You can construct and display a menu to consumers using the ice cream menu board. Ice cream boards are conventional menus constructed from materials such as chalk, paper, pre-printed and hand-drawn menu boards that are easy to change.

Pre-Printed Paper Menu

To begin, we created a customized 65-inch custom frame and then digitally developed a printed menu board to fit inside the frame. Each time, a 65-inch sheet of paper cost $120 to print.

Furthermore, it had far too much information. We concluded after a week of starting that we needed to adjust the menu. That was an additional $120 for a large sheet of paper. This ice cream menu board was simply not going to cut it for an ice cream store with weekly flavor changes.

Chalkboard Menus

If you are an artist (which we are not), producing a presentable menu board with chalk is, shall we say, extremely difficult. The chalk blotches as you write, causing your handwriting to never be perfect, the chalk to break off, and besides being covered your MDF in chalkboard paint, it will not come off when you try to smear it. Alternatively, it will merely change the color of your chalkboard.

Hybrid Menu Board

Designers created a Styrofoam panel with all of the data that we knew would not change and taped it on the board. Then we simply used the markers to write whatever we wanted on the opposite side of the board. It was better, but we still had to redo the menu board whenever we changed it. The handwriting was still bad.

Layout Ideas for Ice Cream Menu Board

Your ice cream menu board design should be simple enough for your customers to read. It must also have a clear theme that complements your eatery. Above all, make space for new menu options and daily promotions to keep your consumers interested.

The good news is that you don’t have to think too hard to come up with a sophisticated ice cream menu boards. All you must do is make unconditionally sure it contains information relevant to your average buyer. You may, for example, opt to display the numerous drinks and snack items you provide.

It assists in peeling additional light on the quantities and resulting costs of each item available on the menu in this case. Also, make sure to include all of your extras. This is due to your ice cream menu boardwould be your primary means of communicating with your consumers.

Material for Ice Cream Menu Board

Start with a chalkboard as ice cream board because it encourages you to be creative. You can utilize hand-drawn typography styles and build unique layouts here. You can also publish your menu board from computer if you have any new flavor in your shop. There are also ice cream menu boards made of diverse materials, such as plastic and perforated cloth, in c cafes. They are an excellent solution for brand image because they allow you to exhibit photographs of your exquisite gourmet items.

Ice Cream Menu Board Design

The arrangement of your menu board ice cream should reflect the sophistication of your ice cream business. Make the menu board look old if you own a rustic ice cream shop, for example. Any business depends largely on consistency. Is your business and the name of your ice cream shop visible on the menu? Is the typography appropriate, and how about the colour theme? Menus at your ice cream shop should have a consistent style. You are not needed to provide a location on the menu board, but if you offer takeout, having your information posted anywhere on it can help clients find your shop. Also, if you offer wifi, place it near the bottom on your menu board.

Make the titles stand out so that customers can see what you have to offer right away. Most people who visit ice cream shop have an idea of what they want ice cream flavor. Bold menu headings draw attention to the ice cream categories you provide, making it easier for customers to choose.