Important Advantages That Come With a Brand-New Roof

Is it more cost-effective to have the roof fixed or replaced? Asking this question would get the answer “Repaired, of course,” from most individuals, and their justifications would be reasonable. Most things can be fixed rather than replaced entirely, but roofs are usually an exception. As a vital part of your home’s support system and defenses, your roof requires routine inspection and repair by trained professionals. In most cases, repairing a roof is the best option, but if your property is more than 30 years old, has been empty for more than a year, has sustained significant storm damage, or is simply showing signs of long-term repair concerns, you may want to consider replacing the roof entirely.

In doubt even now? Let us put your mind at ease by outlining the top advantages of roofing. There are several benefits to consider when making this choice, and there are instances when it is the best option.

Improved Technology

First and foremost, residential roofing technology has advanced significantly since the 1960s, when many homes were erected. Even if you’re set on a rather traditional roof style, there have been significant advancements in the methods used to create the tiles or shingles and expertly install them into the roof’s pattern. All the financial, environmental, and safety advantages of a contemporary roof are yours with a new roof.

Efficient Use of Energy

As you may have surmised from point one, modern asphalt composite shingles are much more energy efficient than they first appear. Thanks to recent technological advancements, flat roofing Seattle WA manufacturers have developed shingles that reflect more sunlight than they absorb. Installing a new roof will be partially recouped with each monthly utility payment.

Facade Appeal

Until one has a point of reference, almost no one can appreciate how much a roof can alter the outward appearance of a house. Subtle sagging, fading, dirtiness, or other indicators of deterioration on an old roof might make your home look older than it is. The curb appeal of any property can be greatly improved by installing a new roof that is appropriately formed and elegantly colored.

Guarantee From The Maker

When did the warranty on your roof expire? They were typically unaware because the guarantee had expired when most homeowners acquired their homes. The manufacturer will pay for all necessary repairs, including parts and labor, for a limited time. Because of this, it’s possible that you won’t need to spend money on roofing for several years.

Roof Cleaning in Safety

Those needing access to your roof may be exposed to several dangers due to its advanced age. You, your maintenance crew, your roof cleaners, and anybody else who needs to go up there could be harmed if your roof has soft places, uneven surfaces, or heaps of moist leaves where it has sagged. However, a freshly installed roof is level, solid, and far less hazardous for slow, deliberate motion.

Maintenance That Saves You Money

While the new warranty will take care of most of your future repair costs, a new roof should still require considerably fewer maintenance visits over the course of its lifetime. Your old roof’s deterioration and soft spots made repairing it increasingly difficult. In contrast, a new roof won’t need as much attention or money spent on maintenance.

Adding Extra Functions

Even if it hasn’t occurred to you yet, a new roof can do wonders for your home. If you wish to combine re-roofing with other modifications, you can install skylights, vents, and a new chimney. Since you will be removing the old roof anyhow, you can easily incorporate any desired additions into the replacement design.