Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Car

There are several things to consider while planning transportation for your wedding. You should make sure you’re reserving a reputable company and locating a wedding automobile rental service that matches your style and theme so you can be sure you’ll arrive at the wedding in class and in plenty of time.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little confused about hiring your wedding car; Wedding Car Hire Warwickshire has covered it. You won’t have any trouble picking the ideal vehicle because we’ve talked to several wedding car hire specialists and provided answers to some of the most often-asked queries by newlyweds.

How many cars should you hire?

How many cars you’ll need will depend on the size of your wedding party. You’ll only need one, and it will be used to transport the bride and her father to the wedding. The remainder of the party might use cabs if you’re on a tight budget, but depending on your group size and whether the groom has a car, you may need up to three vehicles.

The bride and groom will require one car from the ceremony to the reception location. So, consider how the wedding party, parents, and groomsmen will arrive at the reception.

Who travels with whom?

Traditionally, the bride and her father travel in a different automobile from the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother. Additionally, you might wish to arrange transportation for the groom and his party to the ceremony. There are no rules, of course, and you should always do what works best for your special day.

For how long Can You Use the Car?

Most reputable vendors will let you keep the car for as long as you require. Always seek out businesses that only rent out their vehicles for one wedding per day so you may unwind without being concerned about any time constraints. Make this one of the initial inquiries you make to wedding transportation providers.

Do all cars come with a driver? 

This entirely relies on the business you choose. Most car companies will offer a chauffeur, but you can also rent a car without one to drive yourself.

What happens if the driver suddenly gets ill?

Reputable businesses will have backup plans for scenarios like this if you use them. Wedding Car Hire Solihull will have a backup plan in case something happens to your hired driver.

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Is vintage wedding car hire risky? 

Once more, using a reliable business will guarantee that all vehicles are maintained and serviced correctly. Although the risk is shallow, there is always a potential that a brand-new car could break down. Check reviews from other couples to see how their experience went.

How can you save money on Wedding Car hire? 

If on budget, you could only rent one wedding car to transport the bride and groom to the ceremony, and you could arrange for taxis to pick up the other bridal party members.

If your ceremony and reception are close to one another, some companies provide a double run in each vehicle, meaning instead of booking four cars, only two would be required.

When will you pay the final balance?

Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you understand the final payment due date, as each organisation will have their policy. Find a business that lets you spread out the costs to make things simpler.

Who Will decorate the Car?

This is important to ask when contacting your Wedding Car Hire Solihull dealer. Several companies offer car decoration, so let them know if you have some particular wish, such as decorations or flowers you would like.

How long should we allow to get to our wedding venue? 

Make sure to depart early so you can arrive on time even if there is traffic or other delays. Make sure you plan your morning timings since the final 30 minutes before the bride, and her party leave the house will fly by. Consider that getting in and out of a car while wearing your wedding dress may take longer than you anticipate.

Should you get a guest Transport

This is entirely up to you and relies on your location’s facilities—like parking spaces. Suppose the ceremony and reception are far apart or many guests travel to your location by public transportation. Some couples hire a bus or minivan to transport their guests between the two events.