Important Things to Consider Before Buying Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to instantly add color and texture to any room. Whether you want to make a bold statement in the living room or add charm to the bedroom, wallpaper can do the job. But before you buy wallpaper, there are some essential things to consider. Here are some tips to ensure your wallpaper project is a success, from finding the appropriate pattern and color to understanding how much wallpaper you need. If you are looking for the best wallpaper in Singapore, E-Best is a well-established and leading wallpaper shop. From here, you can get the appropriate wallpaper for your desired wall. Read on to learn more about the essential factors to consider when buying wallpaper.

The Layout of the Room

When considering the layout of the room, it is essential to take into account the size and shape of the room, as well as the placement of furniture and other fixtures. For example, a small room may be better suit for wallpaper with a simple pattern or print, while a larger room can handle a more complex design. The location of doorways, windows, and electrical outlets should also be consider when determining the layout of the wallpaper.

Size of the Walls to Be Cover

When determining the total size of the walls being cover, it is necessary to consider both the width and height of the room. For example, a room 10 feet wide by 12 feet long would have a total wall coverage area of 120 square feet.

As well as the room’s dimensions, you should also consider any windows or doors the wallpaper will cover. Each window or door will reduce the total amount of wallpaper needed. For example, if a room has two windows and one door, the total wall coverage area will be reduce by an additional 36 square feet.

Once you have determined the total wall coverage area, you can then begin to select a wallpaper that will fit your needs. There are many different types and styles of wallpaper available on the market today, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

The Scale of the Desired Pattern

The scale of the desired pattern is an important consideration when selecting wallpaper. Too small of a design will appear busy and overwhelming, while too large of a procedure will look out of place and may be challenging to match with other design elements in the room. When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of a smaller-scale pattern.

The Likelihood That Kids Will Hang Out There

When considering whether or not to buy wallpaper for your home, one important factor to consider is the likelihood that kids will hang out there. If you have young children, it’s important to choose a wallpaper that is durable and easy to clean. You may also want to avoid wallpaper with small patterned details, as these can be difficult for little ones to see and may cause them to lose interest in the space. Older kids may prefer a space that is more funky and unique, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colors. Ultimately, the best way to determine what kind of wallpaper is right for your home is to ask your children what they think.

Choosing good wallpaper can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration and planning, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional. From understanding the room’s layout and size to selecting the correct pattern and scale, there are many factors to consider when buying wallpaper. With these tips, you can ensure that your wallpaper project is a success.

Good luck and happy decorating! and the type of paper you need, considering the cost of installation, and understanding which colors will work best with your existing décor, these tips should help you make an informed decision on what kind of wallpaper will best suit your needs. With careful thought and planning behind it, using wallpaper in your home could be just what you need to give it an extra special touch.


Wallpaper can be a great way to add life and color to any room. However, it is essential to remember that there are some things you should consider before purchasing wallpaper for your home. From understanding the layout of the room to determining how much wallpaper you need to pick the suitable pattern and scale, these tips will help ensure your wallpaper project is a success. With careful consideration and planning, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional. From E-Best a well-established and leading wallpaper shop, you can buy wallpaper in Singapore. They provide your requirements at an affordable price