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Instagram in 2023 – how to become popular here?

Gaining great popularity on Instagram these days does not have to be difficult and require a lot of time. The most important thing is to focus on a few simple but extremely important rules, thanks to which the profile will become really popular. First of all, it is worth considering the topic first, because the times of interest only in pretty photos among followers are over. Currently, what counts above all is quality, humor and authenticity.

Interesting descriptions 

Although the beautiful views in the photos still attract a large group of people, the selfie posted every day will not keep too many followers on the profile. A much better solution, which is much more effective, will be to create a description with interesting content. 

The greatest reach is achieved by photos, under which important discussions take place in the comments. A profile that offers topics of interest to Instagram users has a chance to become popular and eagerly followed in a short time. – commented the spec. from SmmStore.Ca

Adding content regularly

Just creating an interesting description for a photo or story is not enough to keep followers on your profile. The key is to maintain a proper regularity that will allow followers to explore the theme of the entire account. Currently, the most important content that gains numerous views on Instagram is reels. Creating a short video allows you to encourage a lot of people to look at your profile and stay for a longer time. Regularity doesn’t have to mean posting content on Instagram every day. Just do it a few times a week.

Personal information

People who decide to follow a specific profile usually want to get to know the author of the content a little closer. Depending on the main topic, it is sometimes worth to lift the veil of secrecy a bit and provide some information about you. The purpose of such activity is to build trust among observers and to become a more authentic person in their eyes. Being honest with your followers is really important and builds a committed community.

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Building Instagram Relationships

There is nothing better these days than being recommended by another creator on Instagram. That is why it is so important to make completely new online friends through the application, as well as staying active on other profiles. By posting interesting comments and observations on other people’s accounts, you can encourage them to visit your own profile. In addition, it is important to take care of people following our profile. Each private message and comment should be treated with due interest. Thanks to this, you gain a lot of trust from your followers.

Current topics

Topics that are currently heating up the whole society may arouse the greatest interest on the profile. By taking part in an important discussion or matter, you can reach a very wide range of potential followers. Keeping up with the news is therefore important to create rolls or relationships related to them at your place. It is worth remembering, however, that although a controversial, important and catchy topic may attract many people to the profile, something should be done to keep them as well. Followers will quickly become discouraged from following an account if they don’t find any interesting topics on it.


People using Instagram want to see nice and aesthetic content. Although sometimes it is not so easy, it is worth spending time and getting involved in creating photos, descriptions, rolls and reports at a really high level. This allows you to make a positive impression on your followers and encourage them to revisit your profile later. The quality of photos, consistent colors and substantive content are highly appreciated by users and help to significantly promote the profile nowadays. Taking care of aesthetics also shows a kind of respect for followers who want to watch beautiful content treating it as entertainment and a break from everyday life.